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*[[Zork: The Undiscovered Underground]] (1997) (developed by Activision)
Converted from [[ScummGlkGlk/Alan2|Alan2]]:
*[[Painless Little Stupid Games]] (1999)
Converted from [[ScummGlkGlk/Scott|ScottfreeScottFree]] - [[Adventure International]] games:
*[[Adventureland]] (1978)
*[[Pirate Adventure]], a.k.a. Pirate Cove (1979)
*[[Questprobe featuring Human Torch and the Thing]] (1985)
Converted from [[Scott|ScottfreeScottFree]] - [[Mysterious Adventures series]]:
*[[Mysterious Adventures 1: The Golden Baton]] (1981)
*[[Mysterious Adventures 2: The Time Machine]] (1981)
A work-in-progress sub-engine of the new [[ScummGlkGlk]] API has been added based on Frotz.


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