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Add note for external keyboards
|Global Main Menu||Swipe two fingers down from top to bottom. '''Note:''' In all versions before 1.5.0, this only send "F5" and thus in some games different menus were brought up. Since ScummVM 2.1.0 you can also use the left-most button in the bar above the keyboard.
|Show On-Screen KeyboardEnable/disable keyboard||Rotate phone to Portrait orientation, rather than landscape to trigger on screen enable the keyboard. Since ScummVM 2.1.0 you can also use the pinch gesture to show enable or hide disable the keyboard (pinch in to show enable the keyboard and pinch out to hide disable it). If no external keyboard is connected, this shows and hides the On Screen keyboard. When an external keyboard is connected, instead of showing/hiding the On Screen keyboard this enables/disables inputs from the external keyboard.
|F 0-9 keys||Press the keyboard button directly under the appropriate number. Since ScummVM 2.1.0 use the bar above the keyboard instead.


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