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restored HQ2x requirement. We will not redo all of the screenshots.
== Introduction ==
We try to have screenshots on our website for all games that we support. The purpose of this page is to describe how new screenshots are to be made to ensure uniform overall quality. . In particular, what scaler you should use, how files should be named etc.
For each game, we would like to have a small (say, between 2 and 5) number of screenshots which give users a good idea of what the game looks like to play. If the game is available in different languages or versions, it would also be nice to have a screenshot or two showing the differences of those versions.
* ScummVM settings
** Pick an interesting scene to take the screenshot of.
** 320x200 games should be run without a scaler with '''HQ2x''' (Ctrl+Alt+3) mode and with '''aspect correction''' (Ctrl+Alt+a) mode on. I.e. it should be a 320x240 image.
** 640x480 games should be run without a scaler.
** On platforms which use the SDL backend (Win32 and *nix included) Alt+S creates a screenshot file called scummvmXXXXX.png inside the screenshot directory. The default location for screenshots depends on the OS. See the [] for details.
** '''Make sure your screenshot is at least 640x480 and was made with HQ2x scaler (if originally 320x200).''' Otherwise it won't be accepted.
** If the game runs at a different resolution (such as 512x384, or 800x600), use the normal mode (no scaling) and make sure your screenshot is at the original resolution.
* Screenshot file details.

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