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== Evaluation precedence ==
Within one section everything is computed left to right , down to top. No forward references are allowed. Only The only exception is are aliases which can refer to not yet defined variables and widget properties, but at time of useage those variables should be defined, (otherwise you will get an error).
Currently any error in evaluation will lead to error() and ScummVM will be closed. So be careful, especially with the built-in theme.
On each resolution change all user-defined variables and aliases get cleared and all sections get are recomputed. When sections get loaded for a single resolution, all of them are kept, so you can specify a generic [XxY] scheme and then overwrite only some widgets, thus simplifying the whole thing.
Sections loading order is always the same. For the 640x480 resolution 640x480 it this is:
# Built-in theme
## [640x480]
Only present sections are loaded. If a section is not defined, no error message is generated.
== Widget name conventions ==


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