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→‎'colors' section: grammar/style
There is a special color entry to define the transparency transparent color for the pixmaps, it isnamed "color_transparency". Our default theme uses pink (255 0 255) as the transparencytransparent color.
color_transparency=255 0 255
color_state_highlight=100 162 8
color_state_enabled=0 0 0
*"color_state_disabled" is used for disabled text.*"color_state_highlight" is used for highlighted text.*"color_state_enabled" is used for normal text.
The ListWidget uses two special text color entries:
text_inverted_background=100 162 8
text_inverted_color=0 0 0
There "text_inverted_background" is used for the rect which is drawn when a an entry is selected,"text_inverted_color" is used for the text drawn when a an entry is selected.
Another special color is used for all kind kinds of text input widgets:
caret_color=0 0 0
This value is used for the color the caret is drawn in.
Some colors are used for background fades, you can easiliy make easily spot them outsince they have a '_start' and '_end' suffix.
Another example:
main_dialog_start=210 114 10
main_dialog_end=239 196 24
This defines the color fade for the launcher background. "main_dialog_start"defines the color at the top of the drawn area, "main_dialog_end" at the bottomof the drawn area, the colors in between get are calculated. (see 'gradients' section
for more information).
There are sometimes Sometimes there is more than one color fade definition for a widget, the buttonwidget uses for example one colorfade for normal drawing and a special fade for highlighted
drawing. Example:
button_bkgd_start=203 126 107
button_bkgd_highlight_start=255 210 200
button_bkgd_highlight_end=200 70 50
*"button_bkgd_start" and "button_bkgd_end" are used for normal drawing.*"button_bkgd_highlight_start" and "button_bkgd_highlight_end" are used for highlighteddrawing.
button_text_disabled=192 192 192
button_text_highlight=255 214 84
*"button_text_enabled" is used for normal buttons.*"button_text_disabled" is used for buttons which are currently disabled.*"button_text_highlight" is used for highlighted buttons.
If you want to find out all defineable colors look at our default theme config file,it's named "modern.ini".
==== 'gradients' section ====


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