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I now own Feeble (thanks to Kirben); added some meat to my TODO section (so I can finally throw away all those sticky notes *g*)
== TODO ==
The following are some TODOs I've been thinking about recently. I might either implement them, or add some of them to the main TODOlist. We'll see... * SaveMan improvements** get rid of getSavePath -> AFAICT it's only used for enhanced error/warning messages. So let's just finally add a Stream::ioErrorString methor or so, which describes the error that occured** at the same time might want to replace ioFailed() with an ioError() method which returns an error code, not just a bool** add a method to remove a savestate * Web site** Add big (green?) shiny buttons in the middle of the page for (1) Donations and (2) Downloads ?* Clean up file/filesystem handling in our code** several backends #define fopen, fread etc. -- this is bad, try to get rid of these hacks** to get rid of all usages of fopen, etc. we could add backends/file and move the current file.cpp to backends/file/stdc (this is just a rough idea, mind you)** at the same time, finally change File to read-only, and add a DumpFile class, which can be used for script dumps, screenshots etc.; ports can simply provide an "empty" implementations if they don't support dumping large files** there is a getcwd call in gui/options.cpp used to compute a default savepath. This is bad for two reasons:**# It differs from the default savepath value set in registerDefaults()**# It's not portable and forces porters to provide a fake getcwd() for no good reason* GUI** The options dialog shows a button for configuring the savepath even on systems where it is fixed -> bad, should be fixed
== Wish list ==
* Others
** Any AGI games
** Feeble Files


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