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== General ==
* Add proper support for the Accolade MIDI format uesd by the PC versions of Elvira 1, Elvira 2, Waxworks and Simon the Sorcerer 1 (DOS Floppy Demo). Currently invalid data is often passed through the MIDI parser, causing crashes.
* Use actual timer, for timer_callback() and timer_proc() code, to match exact timing of the original games.
== Elvira 1 ==
* Add support for language files used by Amiga and Macintosh versions.
* Add support for music fade out in vc62_fastFadeOut() when changing locations.
* Fix minor glitch in the trail shown on the first map, when Simon is riding the Lion to the Goblin's Camp. The minor glitch occurs, as the next location starts blinking, slightly too much background is been restored for some reason.
== Feeble Files ==
* Fix Feeble walking in the incorrect direction, when looking at the Vent in the Research and Testing area of the Company Central Command Compound.
* Fix occasional glitch when scrolling text in Oracle interface. See [[media:Oracle-glitch.png|this series of screenshots]] from the DIRECTIVE CHARTER article. (It happens in other places as well.) This is actually not a bug in the Simon engine, but rather a problem with the automatic calculation of dirty rects that we use to speed up full screen updates in some engines. Maybe the checksum algorithm is more likely to fail when there are only two colours involved?


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