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'''Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb''' was the first game to use The Dreamers Guild's SAGA engine. The game takes place in the future, where humans are extinct, and talking human-like animals populate the earth. The game follows Rif of the fox tribe, as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend Rhene and clear his name after he is accused of stealing the Orb of Storms, a magical orb that predicts the weather.
==Digital musicPatches==* It is possible to have digital music in the game, which is far superior to the original MIDI music, using [ Wyrmkeep's patch 2].* There is a missing sound sample in the intro of some ITE versions: "''The humans also knew the Secret of Life, and they used it to give us the Four Great Gifts:''". The missing sound sample is played correctly with the file P2_A.iaf, found in [ Wyrmkeep's update 2]


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