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updated the kyra wiki.
=== TODO ===
* fix minor gfx bugs (see room 52 and 218), also some other rooms override parts of the interface, and major gfx bug in room 111 after inserting the stone)
* implement the missing opcodes
* implement sfx
=== Tech info ===
The items and the map list include tips for the game, do not look at them if you want to play the game on your own.
*[[Kyra opcodes|Opcodes (outdated)]]
*[[Kyra items (Kyrandia 1)|Items (Kyrandia 1)]]
*[[Kyra items (Kyrandia 2)|Items (Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate)]]
*[[Kyra savegames (Kyrandia 1)|Savegames (Kyrandia 1) (outdated)]]*[[Kyra maps (Kyrandia 1)|Maps (Kyrandia 1)]]
===External links===
* - Kyrandia 1 - update, demo, sample music, screenshots


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