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=Nintendo DS=
=Nintendo DS=
agentq's ScummVM DS port<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
The Nintendo DS version of ScummVM allows most of the games supported by other versions of ScummVM to run on the Nintendo DS handheld console.  As the software is not official or supported by Nintendo, a 'homebrew' device must be used to load ScummVM.  Some of the more popular devices are the R4DS and the M3 DS Real.
Using one of these devices, ScummVM DS can run most games at full speed complete with speech, music, and touch screen controls.  MP3 compression can be used for talkie games, and ADPCM compression can be used for CD audio.
The ScummVM DS homepage at http://scummvm.drunkencoders.com contains full instructions for this port, as well as the readme_ds.txt file included in ScummVM DS download.

== Compatibility List ==
== Compatibility List ==


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