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→‎Compilers: Clarified list of compilers
=== Compilers ===
Over the years, the compiler used to build ScummVM WinCE has changed several times. The following lists which version requires which compiler(s):
* Versions '''before ''' 0.9.0 use the Microsoft Embedded Visual C development environment.More specifically you can use either[ evc3] or [ evc4]for those versions.Most of the following instructions for building with VS2005 adhere to these builds as well.  For versions equal to 0.9.0 or * Version 0.9.1 there are x supports two ways to compile: ** Using [ Microsoft Visual Studio 2005], or** Using the [ Windows CE GCC cross compiler] developed by the [ VLC] team ('''do not''' rush to download and install this compiler. It needs to be rebuilt first. More on this [[Compiling_ScummVM/Windows_CE/Old_GCC|on this page]]). * Version 0.10.0 x builds with the VLC GCC cross compiler.  For the current builds (trunk), official ScummVM releases * Version 0.11.x and newer use the [ cegcc] GCC cross compiler. We try not to break builds with VS2005 but this can in no way be guaranteed as we do not longer use those tools. With some minor tweaking the code should be able to compile with VS tools too. 
Why all these compiler changes? There are absolutely critical reasons for switching between them.


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