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* Keeping Glutton around
Glutton currently has problems with strings in some games; a reimplementation is underway (by [[User:Lskovlun|lskovlun]]) to rectify this. Some may think that this is a good reason to keep the VM as close to Sierra's as possible (see the recent reimplementation); but I believe that the Glutton VM (if the string fixes turn out to work) would work equally well with SCI1.1 and earlier and SCI32, whereas the reimplementation would have to do something else for SCI32.
* What is this thing about SCI32?
Whereas SCI1.1 and earlier have a 64 kilobyte heap space which is addressable via pointers, SCI32 uses memory handles exclusively. That means that all the string handling functions have been replaced by a single String() call, array handling (which used to be primitives) is now a kernel call Array(), etc. '''Direct pointer addressing is no longer possible!'''


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