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ScummVM Team Onboarding

The general procedure for joining the team

  • Mention that you'd like to join or be invited by the lead or one of the co-leads
  • You will need to show your skills by working for a while via Pull Requests. We value code quality.
  • Suscribe to scummvm-devel mailing list
  • Send your short bio to the -devel

Once you're in the team

Welcome to the ScummVM Team! As a team member and probably a developer, you must follow several simple rules of thumb.

First, a small reminder is that every team member can take advantage of the Team Member Benefits.

Then the rules are as follows:

  • Be nice to other developers. Treat everyone with respect. No ego. No dramas.
  • Make sure you always follow our Code Formatting Conventions, the general Coding Conventions and the Commit Guidelines.
  • Every commit must be compilable
    • Of course, things do happen. This is why we have our buildbot
    • Please, do not commit a significant change and run
    • Watch the buildbot for any possible breakages and fix them promptly
  • You are the complete owner of your area, be it an engine or a backend. Thus, you push there freely (still following the guidelines, though)
  • In case you want to commit to other devs' engines and if it is not a trivial change, please first talk to those devs
  • In case you want to make a bigger change, or changes to other people's code, issue a Pull Request on GitHub. Or maybe you want other people to check your code first, then PR is the way to go
  • All changes to the OSystem or common code must be discussed with the leads and porters always taken into account
  • ScummVM git history is linear. This is enforced on the server
  • Do not push your branches to the main repo. In case you did it by mistake, talk to the co-leads for removing them (removing branches is prohibited by security reasons)
  • In case you want to borrow someone else's code, make sure they have a compatible license and make sure you attribute them appropriately. Talk to sev to make sure.

This list is not complete. Talk to other devs on Discord. Communication is the Right Thing(TM).