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This template allows you to conditionally show one of a predefined set of arguments, depending on another named argument.


Use the "switch" argument to select which argument to show:

  • {{Switch|yes=yay|no=nay|switch=yes}} shows "yay"
  • {{Switch|yes=yay|no=nay|switch=no}} shows "nay"

If the specified option is unknown, the "switch" value will be shown:

  • {{Switch|yes=yay|no=nay|switch=err}} shows "err"

The "default" argument will be used when the "switch" value doesn't match any of the options or that's empty:

  • {{Switch|yes=yay|no=nay|default=maybe|switch=err}} shows "maybe"

The "default" argument is ignored when it's empty:

  • {{Switch|yes=yay|no=nay|default=|switch=err}} shows "err"