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         usedBy=''See [[TsAGE#Games|Games]]''|
         usedBy=''See [[TsAGE#Games|Games]]''|
         dateAdded=April 13, 2011|
         dateAdded=April 13, 2011|

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Engine developer dreammaster, strangerke
Companies that used it Tsunami Media, inc.
Games that use it See Games
Date added to ScummVM 2011-04-13
First release containing it 1.4.0

The TsAGE engine was used by Tsunami to create all their games (except Free Enterpri$e) between 1992 and 1996. It's also used in Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Serrated Scalpel to display a part of the intro. The engine evolved during this period, and used the names TsAGE32 and TsAGEWin. The differences between the versions are unknown at the moment.



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