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Engine developer mgerhardy
Companies that used it Adeline Software International
Games that use it Little Big Adventure
Date added to ScummVM 2020-10-24
First release containing it None

This engine runs the adventure game Little Big Adventure by Adeline Software International.

It is based on TwinEngine: (for reference)


There are several debug console commands that help you to debug the game faster.

  • toggle_freecamera: Will allow you to move the camera freely around in the map. By default the keys s, y, x, c are used to move the camera.
  • hero_pos: Set the hero position. You can also use (by default) the key v that is bound to spawning the actor at the current center of the camera.
  • give_allitems
  • give_key [<amount>]
  • give_gas [<amount>]
  • give_kashes [<amount>]
  • change_scene <scene_id>
  • toggle_debug: Allows you to activate an in-game debug menu with the right mouse button

There are a few more commands - just use the help command to get a complete list of the commands

A great resource of information is

A list of bugs and feature requests can be found on our bug tracker:

New Feature

  • High resolution mode (1024x768)
  • Achievements from Dotemu release
  • Midi as mp3/ogg/flac for Dotemu release


[2.21] released the source code of lba1 and lba2 on github.