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This page provides notes showing how any developer with SVN commit access can update the ScummVM Planet by editing the metadata in the web-planet SVN module.

Changes to the data in this module (both images in avatars and scummvm_template/config.ini) are pulled over by the Planet server and if they have changed they are committed to the Planet servers local working folder before the hourly update takes place.

In simple terms this means that if you add a blog to the relevant section of config.ini and commit it within an hour the blog should appear aggregated on the ScummVM Planet.

Please follow the existing naming conventions in the config.ini and avatar images. Before you commit a change to the config.ini it would be appreciated if you test the change on a local install of PlanetVenus.

Any issues drop me a bell and I will do the updates myself.

--DJWillis 12:19, 17 March 2009 (UTC)