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Name Sven Hesse
Team Member since 2006-01-07
Working on gob
Personal webpage/BLOG
Email drmccoy (at) scummvm (dot) org

ToDo (unordered)

  • Gob engine:
    • Completing A.J.'s World
    • (Hard-coded) Space-shooter sequences in Inca 2 and The Last Dynasty
    • Addy (ADI) and Addy Junior (Adibou)
    • Once Upon A Time: Abracadabra and Baba Yaga
    • Fading:
      • Weird fading in Woodruff: white areas show up immediately
      • The fade speed should not be CPU-bound
  • Gob Engine cleanup:
    • Way too much access to foreign class member variables right now
    • Video/Draw
      • Video_v1 and Video_v2 can be merged
      • Merge Video_v6 too? + check for true color
      • Merge Draw_* too?
      • Merge Draw with Video? Put all the low-level stuff into Surface instead
    • Scenery
      • Scenery is ANI + DEC. Merge
        • Make ANIObject drawing more flexible for SEQ
    • Mult
      • Mult_v1 and Mult_v2 can be merged
      • Mult is SEQ. Also needed for hard-coded games
    • Sound
      • Current sound code is meh
    • Global
      • Icky globals. Not good
    • Goblin/Map
      • Ugly. Needs cleanup badly.
      • _v1/_v2 probably not mergable. But _v2+ classes should be
    • GobEngine subclasses like Kyra?
  • CoktelVideo:
    • Implement new audio handling in Addy 5 VMDs
      • Low priority, because Addy 5 is very different, with a new script system and dBase databases
      • Sound part type 4
      • Subsequent sound parts of type 1 are broken
      • Yet another audio compression?

Wish list

  • Goblins 3 Hebrew -- allegedly, it crashes ScummVM (in o1_printTotText() / Draw_v2::printTotText()). If it really does, I'd need a (legitimate) copy to fix it
  • Gobliins 2 Mac and/or Goblins 3 Mac -- Different music and fonts in the Mac versions, would be nice to have them supported
  • Any and all Japanese and Korean Gob games -- Need to check if strings and such work