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Glokidd is a(currently unemployed)Filmaker from British Columbia, Canada

He was given a wiki account after compiling a language/version specific compatibility list that eventually evolved (with a lot of help from JoachimEberhard, thanks again man)into the International titles wiki page

He is very proud of this :)

Glokidd also submitted the MD5's for the Lucasarts Mac pack vol.1 version of "The Secret of Monkey Island", And performed some last minute pre-release testing for ScummVM 0.9.0 . He also (tries to,to the best of his ability) provide general tech support on the "PalmOS" and "Help and Support" subforums at .

Currently, in his spare time, he is working on a Readme/FAQ for the PalmOS port of ScummVM


(in no particular order)

  • Complete agifangamesz-a.txt and possibly start adapting it to entries for the wiki
  • Aid peres in any way I possibly can (probably with testing)
  • Update the intl. Title page more often
  • Learn Proper Wiki formatting ;)
  • Learn far more C++ :)
  • Help the docbook subproject in any way I can
  • Complete final draft of PalmOS Readme/FAQ
    • Add a "What Info to Provide When Seeking Help" section
    • Expand upon list of the most common errors/solutions
    • Expand upon Game compatibility list to include info on what ports of games work; MAC, Amiga, etc.(currently it refers to PC versions by default)
    • Poke around and figure out some more hint and tips
    • Work with Chrilith to make readme official
    • General editing and tweaking of document
    • Perhaps start moving the document to the wiki soon

Contact Info

GloKidd is also a regular MSN user and invites anyone to drop him a line :)