Zero Zone

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Zero Zone
No Screenshot Available
First release 1998
Also known as Zero Zone: 2098 AD
Developed by Cryo Interactive
Published by Cryo Interactive
Distributed by Cryo Interactive
Platforms Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Cryo
Support Not supported.
Available for

Zero Zone is a point and click adventure game set in Megatown in 2098. The population is made up of biological residents known as Bios and technological residents known as Cybers, and the Bios use the Cybers as slaves. A man named Stan Gonzo receives an inheritance from his father, whom he never met. He inherits a large fortune and becomes the head of Kanary, the largest Cyber technology company. He soon discovers, however, that his father was murdered, and sets off on an investigation that will reveal mysteries about who his father really was, and will ultimately change the relationship between Bios and Cybers forever.

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