Zork: Grand Inquisitor

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Zork: Grand Inquisitor
First release 1997
Also known as
Developed by Activision
Published by Activision, Macplay
Distributed by Activision
Platforms MacOS, Windows
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine ZVision
Support Since ScummVM 1.8.0
Available for

Zork: Grand Inquisitor is the third point-and-click graphic adventure game in the Zork series. The player character, AFGNCAAP (Ageless, Faceless, Gender-Neutral, Culturally Ambiguous Adventure Person), joins forces with a dungeon master named Dalboz who has been trapped in a lantern by the Grand Inquisitor, Yannick. They attempt to find three legendary objects that will restore all magic to the realm and bring about the fall of the Inquisitor.

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