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Jen's Quest
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Project Status: In Development
In sporadic development
Release Date: October 22, 1998
Author(s): Joel McCormick
Language: English
Website: (

Jen's Quest development issues with stack blown error. May 2003.

About the Game

Jen's Quest is about a 19-year-old shapeshifter named Jennifer who is secretive and uncertain about her abilities. After her parents drop by her college dorm unannounced and uninvited, Jennifer goes out to dinner with them – a dinner that doesn't go very well. When she returns to her dorm hoping to be able to talk about it with her roommate and best friend, Kristen, she finds Kristen gone. There is a ransom note pinned to her bed – and it appears a man named Tony has mistaken Jennifer for a girl named Claudia and threatened Kristen's life. Jennifer must go on a quest to correct this mistaken identity and to save Kristen's life.

The first demo release of Jen's Quest was October 22, 1998, and a second demo was released on May 21, 2002. The game is currently still in development.

This project was started in 1998, abandoned in 1999 and resumed again in 2001.


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