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The new room section of a logic is a section of code that runs during the first interpreter cycle in a new room and does not run again unless the player leaves the room and re-enters it. This section is used to perform initialization of the variables, flags, objects, and other data used by the room - in other words, the new room section contains code that you would only want to run once in a room.

The new room section is controlled by the special flag f5 (or new_room, in the AGI Studio Template Game). This flag is set during the first cycle through a new room and is reset after that cycle has completed.

A typical new room section will contain code like the following:

<syntax type="C++">

 #define new_room f5
 #define room_no  v0
 #define ego      o0
 if (new_room)
   /* new room section */


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