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Engine developer dreammaster, criezy
Companies that used it Various
Games that use it Hundreds of games
Date added to ScummVM 2021-02-06
First release containing it 2.5.0


  • Various games from 2.5 onwards are completable.
  • Because many games fool around with volume settings, in-game volume controls are separate from the ScummVM volume controls, but will respect them. Thus, even if your in-game music volume slider is at maximum, if your ScummVM music volume slider is low, the music won't be loud.


  • Finishing implementing and testing the various plugins needed by the games. Of the remaining, ags_lua is low priority because it was only ever used by a single game.
  • Some graphics rendering is still stubbed. Need to find places where it's actually used in any games, so it can be properly implemented and tested.
  • Testing various games to identify and fix any missing functionality or incorrect implementation.

Games With Custom Engine Changes

This section lists any games we know about that have custom changes to the engine code that still have to be replicated into AGS.

Kathy Rain

  • It uses a different font in the bundled executable when looking at a form than shown in the standalone AGS. See Bug 12964.

Original Game Bugs

This section lists any identified bugs that occur in the original games, and aren't currently planned/feasible to work around in the engine

  • in Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back, exiting the Sewer immediately after entering it results in Roger not being able to move. This is recoverable by using the electrified fence to die, and then choosing to try again.

Upstream Status

  • see here for a List of notes listing issues that occurred with specific commits when porting the upstream AGS into ScummVM.

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