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Since some games feature DLLs that need to be re-implemented, games will need to be targeted on a case-by-case, feature-by-feature basis, this is a list of the games that are currently detected by ScummVM, with varying level of support (games using AGS versions prior to 2.5 currently aren't supported):

Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

The common needed files for AGS games are:

  • *.ags or *.exe
  • *.0??
  • *.vox (usually audio.vox, music.vox, and/or speech.vox)
  • *.tra (for the translations)
  • acsetup.cfg (contains the default game settings)

However, specific AGS games may also require a variety of extra files for fonts, data, and other things not embedded in the game itself. Note also that the ScummVM AGS engine does not support external plugins, so their files are not needed.

Commercial Games

The following commercial games are known to be using some version of the AGS engine.

Game Name Game Version Status Revision Remarks
3 GEEKS Demo Completable 2.6.0pre
A Golden Wake Steam Completable 2.7.0
A Tale Of Two Kingdoms Untested
AVC's Survival Guide / Guía de supervivencia en CAV Untested
Aboard the Adventure Steam Demo Completable 2.7.0pre
Al Emmo And The Lost Dutchman's Mine Steam Good 2.7.0pre First scenes seem to work. Some texts look strange
Al Emmo And The Lost Dutchman's Mine German Retail Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes after the opening movie
Al Emmo's Postcards from Anozira Untested
Alum Steam Good 2.5.1 Occasional slowdowns
Alum Steam Good 2.7.0pre First scenes seem to work
Ashina: The Red Witch Steam Good 2.7.0pre First scenes seem to work. Texts imperfect
Astroloco: Worst Contact Untested
Beer! Untested
Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard Steam Demo Completable 2.7.0git
Blackwell Unbound Good 2.6.0pre
Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots Untested
Captain Hook and the Lost Girl Untested
Castle Agony Steam Good 2.7.0pre First scenes seem to work
Castle Dornstein Steam Demo 1.0 Completable 2.7.0pre
Chronicle of Innsmouth Steam Good 2.6.0pre
Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness Steam Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes when leaving the first room
Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle Steam Good 2.6.0pre Just a launcher for 3 Crystal Shard games
Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass Untested
Detective Gallo GOG Good 2.6.0pre Must play in OpenGL mode with no filters
Diamonds in the Rough Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes during the intro
Doc Apocalypse Good 2.6.0pre Old version now free on
Downfall (2009) GOG Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes soon after leaving the hotel (Newroom error)
Downfall (2016) GOG 1.1.3 Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes to debugger with ERROR: Only theora YUV420 is supported!, when starting a new game
Dreams in the Witch House Steam Demo Good 2.7.0pre Texts imperfect
Dreams in the Witch House GOG 1.0.2 Good 2.8.0git Playable with some glitches Bugreport
Dustbowl Steam 1.4.3 Broken 2.7.0pre Random crashes
Falcon City Untested
Feria d'Arles Steam Good 2.7.0pre Occasional graphical/text glitches
Football Game Steam Completable 2.7.0pre Fonts are slightly malformed
Gemini Rue Steam Completable 2.5.1
Gemini Rue Steam Good 2.6.0pre
Ghostdream Steam Bugged 2.6.0pre Videos don't work, texts hard to read
Ghostman: The Council Calamity Untested
Graceward Untested
GrandMa Badass Steam Demo Completable 2.6.0pre Fonts are hard to read
Guard Duty GOG 1.2.0 Good 2.6.0pre First scenes seem to work
Herd is Coming Steam Demo Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes when starting a new game
Incantamentum Steam Demo Broken 2.7.0git Crashes after intro when reading the letter with ERROR: rate effect can only handle rates < 131072!
Incantamentum Steam Demo Untested 2.7.0pre Crash should be fixed, but demo is no longer available
Insectophobia: Episode 1 Untested
JORRY Untested
Just Ignore Them Steam Good 2.6.0pre Standard and remake
Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story Tape 1 Steam 1.8 Good 2.6.0pre First rooms seem to work
Kathy Rain Steam/GOG Completable 2.5.1 Completable, with some graphical glitches. Note: The Director's Cut version is not using the AGS Engine and is not supported.
Kathy Rain Steam/GOG Bugged 2.7.0pre Priority (graphical) glitches when using the dormitory computer early in day 2. Can't proceed further
Kill Yourself Steam Good 2.7.0pre Options menu does not work. Steps-related achievements don't unlock
Lamplight City Untested
Lancelot's Hangover Untested
Larry Lotter and the Test of Time Steam Good 2.6.0pre Fonts are imperfect
Legend of Hand Untested
Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements Untested
Metal Dead Untested
My Big Sister Steam Good 2.6.0pre
My Big Sister: Remastered Untested
Neofeud Untested
Odissea - An Almost True Story Untested
Old Skies Steam Demo Broken 2.7.0git Crashes immediately with ERROR: Invalid color depth!
Onironauta Untested
Order of the Thorne: The King's Challenge Untested
Perfect Tides Steam Good 2.7.0pre
Primordia Steam Good 2.6.0pre
Projector Face Untested
Quantumnauts Untested
Quantumnauts 2 Untested
Quest for Infamy Untested
Red Bow Steam Good 2.6.0pre Fonts are missing some pixels
Resonance GOG Good 2.6.0pre
Richard & Alice GOG Good 2.7.0git
Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die! Steam Demo Completable 2.6.0pre
Rogue State Untested
Shardlight Steam 1.1 Good 2.5.1 First five minutes work fine
Shardlight Steam 2.1 Good 2.7.0pre First scenes seem to work
Shoaly You Can't Be Serious! Untested
Sisters' Secret Untested
Small Sister Untested
Snow Problem Untested
Space raven quest - Tiny planet Untested
Sphonx Untested
Starship Quasar Steam Good 2.6.0pre
Strangeland Untested
Suli Fallen Harmony 1.4 Good 2.7.0git First locations seem to work, a bit slow
Sumatra: Fate of Yandi Untested
Super Jazz Man Untested
Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno (Chapter 1) Untested
Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno (Chapter 2) Untested
Symploke: Legend of Gustavo Bueno (Chapter 3) Untested
Tales Demo Completable 2.6.0pre
Technobabylon Steam 2.2 Good 2.6.0pre
The Adventures of Fatman Good 2.5.1
The Ancient Art of Staying Alive Untested
The Antidote Untested
The Apotheosis Project Untested
The Beard in the Mirror Untested
The Blackwell Convergence Steam/GOG Bugged 2.7.0pre Problems accessing the in-game email feature. Bugreport
The Blackwell Deception Untested
The Blackwell Epiphany Untested
The Blackwell Legacy 1.4 Wadjet store Completable 2.7.0git Slower movement, imperfect fonts
The Blackwell Legacy 2.3 GOG Good 2.7.0pre
The Castle Steam Good 2.7.0pre
The Cat Lady GOG Good 2.5.1 Needs retesting
The Cat Lady GOG Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes or freezes soon after meeting the Queen of Maggots
The Charnel House Trilogy Completable 2.5.1
The Crimson Diamond Steam Demo Broken 2.7.0git Crashes about halfway with a failed assertion while eavesdropping
The Excavation of Hob's Barrow GOG Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes before act III
The Last Day of Adolf Untested
The Last Escape of Yeti Untested
The Last Pirate Adventure: Drake's Treasure Untested
Leeward - Episode 1 Untested
The Perfidious Petrol Station Completable 2.7.0pre
The Phantom Fellows Steam Demo Good 2.6.0pre
The Samaritan Paradox Untested
The Secret of Hutton Grammar School VGA Steam Completable 2.7.0pre Some texts are hard to read (transparent fonts)
The Secrets of Jesus Untested
The Shivah Steam Completable 2.7.0git
The Terrible Old Man Steam Completable 2.7.0git
Theropods Steam Demo Good 2.7.0git
Time Gentlemen, Please! Good 2.5.1 Some graphical issues Bugreport
Unavowed GOG Good 2.7.0git
Until I Have You Steam Demo Broken 2.6.0pre Tutorial completable with some effort, crashes in the first mission
Until I Have You Steam Broken 2.7.0pre Won't start, uses unsupported controller plugin
Waiting For the Loop Untested
Welcome to Sunny Munarvagir Untested
Whispers of a Machine Bugged 2.7.0pre Some graphics issues. Uses a modified AGS interpreter
WingMan Untested
Wolf Territory Untested
Zid Journey Steam Demo 1.0.2 Completable 2.7.0pre
Zniw Adventure GOG 1.3.3 Good 2.7.0pre Playable, with some graphical glitches Bugreport

Freeware Games

The following games could work but many are still untested. Feel free to try any of the games in this list and then report your findings.

Game Name Game Version Status Revision Remarks
! Completable 2.6.0pre Loading a savegame messes up the soundtrack
^_^ Completable 2.7.0pre
_Access Untested
'Til Cows Tear us Apart Untested
~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, And the Law One Completable 2.5.1
¿Sueñan Los Fantasmas? Untested
007 ¾: Disappearance Time Untested
1 day a mosquito Completable 2.6.0pre
10 Ways from Sunday Completable 2.5.1
11-11-11 Untested
12 Hours a Slave Untested
15 Minutes Untested
1st Drop Untested
2000 Ways To Play Badmington Untested
2034 A.C. (After Canada) Untested
2034 A.C. (After Canada) II Untested
24 Hours Untested
3 Minutes a Fart Untested
30 minutes Untested
4 of Clubs Untested
4-Lung Boy Untested
46 Memory Lane Completable 2.5.1
5 Days A Stranger Special Edition Good 2.6.0pre
5 Dragons Untested
5-O'clock Lock Untested
6 Days A Sacrifice Untested
6174 Solitaire Untested
6mornings Untested
7 Days A Skeptic Untested
8 Untested
9 Hours to Dawn Untested
9 Minutes! Your late! Untested
9 Months In Untested
99 Species Untested
<3 (Less Than Three) Untested
A Better Mouse Trap Untested
A Cat's Night Untested
A Cat's Night 2 - Orazio Goes To Town Untested
A Christmas Blunder Untested
A Christmas Ghost Untested
A Christmas Nightmare Untested
A Christmas Wish Untested
A Christopher Jones Adventure Untested
A Clone of Monkey Island Untested
A Crow Cawled Raven Untested
A Cure for the Common Cold Untested
A Curious Pastime Untested
A Curious Silence Untested
A Date in the Park Steam Completable 2.7.0pre
A Day with Michael Untested
A Fragment of Her Completable 2.5.1
A Friend Indeed ... Completable 2.5.1
A G-G-Ghost! Good 2.5.1 Top save/load menu bar is hard to open (pointer bounces back)
A Gunshot in Room 37 Completable 2.5.1
A Heart Between Parts Untested
A Homie Adventure Untested
A Knight's Pursuit Untested
A Landlord's Dream 1.4.1 Completable 2.5.1
A Life Worth Losing Untested
A Murder Mystery In Minnesota Untested
A Night That Wouldn't End Completable 2.6.0pre
A Night to Remember Untested
A Nightmare on Duckburg Untested
A Place In The Sun Completable 2.5.1
A Place Without Frontier Untested
A Prelude to an Adventure 1.0 Completable 2.6.0pre
A Profound Journey Untested
A Raindog Story Untested
A Room Without You In It Completable 2.6.0pre "Dotted" texts
A Second Face: The Eye of Geltz is Watching You Untested
A Short Nightmare Untested
A Simple Fix Untested
A Sloth For Both Seasons Untested
A Suspicious Date Untested
A Tainted Treat Untested
A Tale Of Betrayal Completable 2.5.1
A Tale in the Zoo Untested
A Tale of Two Kingdoms Jukebox Untested
A Tale of a Legacy / En busca de un legado Untested
A Taste of Man Cake Untested
A Treat and Some Tricks Untested
A Walk in the Park Completable 2.6.0pre
A Woman for All Seasons Completable 2.5.1
A Xmas Eve Tale Untested
A caixa Untested
A magic stone Untested
A night in Berry / Une nuit en Berry Untested
A pirates tale Untested
A punk with wheels Untested
A thing about nothingness Untested
A very special dog Untested
A walk in da tomb Untested
A-Mused Completable 2.5.1
AAaaah!! La porte noire Untested
AGS 180 Darts Untested
AGS 180 Darts 2 Untested
AGS Awards Backstage Pass Untested
AGS Awards Ceremony 2008 Untested
AGS Awards Ceremony 2016 Untested
AGS Awards Ceremony 2017 Untested
AGS Awards Ceremony 2020 Untested
AGS Cameras Tech Demo Untested
AGS Chess Untested
AGS Colosseum Untested
AGS Cycles Untested
AGS Footballer Untested
AGS JukeBox Untested
AGS Magus Untested
AGS Mastermind Untested
AGS Mittens Shooter Untested
AGS Module Tester Untested
AGS Rock, Paper, Scissors Untested
AGS Tech Support Game Untested
AGS Werewolf Untested
AGS Yahtzee Untested
AGS Yahtzee 2 Untested
AGS-Invaders Untested
AGSLife Untested
AMTAG: another medieval themed adventure game Untested
AS Racing Manager Untested
ASL: Edmundo with music Untested
Aazor: Life of a Demon - Part I: The Beginning Untested
Abducted: 10 Minutes!!! Completable 2.5.1
Abduction Untested
Able Mabel gets a Job Untested
Abomination Obtainer Untested
Abscission Untested
Absent Untested
Absent - Part I: Innocent Until Proven Guilty Untested
Absin - An Interactive Mystery Untested
Absurdistan 1.0 Completable 2.5.1
Ace King Untested
Ace Quest Untested
Achar Chronicles: Oblitus Untested
AciDDD Untested
Adaline and the Moon Picnic Untested
Adventure Island Untested
Adventure Quest Untested
Adventure Quest 2 - Winterlong Untested
Adventure: All In The Game Untested
Adventure: The Inside Job Untested
Adventure: Welcome to the Genre Untested
Adventure's World Untested
Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment Bugged 2.6.0pre Main menu buttons not showing, other issues may be present
Adventures of Bunny Bunnyman / Pupu Pupulaisen Seikkailut Untested
Adventures of Max Fax (episode 1) Completable 2.5.1
Adventures of PQT Untested
Aerinde Untested
AeroNuts Untested
Aeterna Duel Untested
Affair of the Weirdo Untested
Affection Untested
Afro Jones Untested
After a Shadow Bugged 2.5.1 Videos don't work
After a Shadow Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes immediately
Agent Bee Untested
Agent Hudson Untested
Agent Trinity - Episode 0 - The Ultimatum Untested
Agitprop: The Game Untested
Ahmet's AGS Fight Game 2009 Untested
Ahmet's AGS Fight Game Remix Untested
Aida's Bizarre Halloween Untested
Aida's Strange Christmas Untested
Al Gurbish in... Nick It & Run!!! Untested
Al Lowe's Secret Island Untested
Al-Quest 1 Untested
Alan saves Christmas (and most of the world too) Untested
Alba the Explorer: Princess Marian part V Untested
Alice in Maniacland Untested
Alien Attack Untested
Alien Carniage Untested
Alien Cow Rampage: Orion Needs Your Milk! Good 2.6.0pre
Alien Escapade Untested
Alien Prison Escape Untested
Alien Puzzle Invasion Untested
Alien Rape Escape Untested
Alien Threat Untested
Alien Time Zone Untested
All Gone Soon Completable 2.6.0pre
All Gone Soon 2 Untested
All Hallows' Eve Untested
All Pigs Deserve To Burn In Hell Completable 2.5.1
All Pigs Deserve To Burn In Hell Good 2.7.0pre In game autosave does not work
All The Way Down Broken 2.7.0pre Requires unsupported AGS Lua plugin
Almost Blue Untested
Alone in the Night Completable 2.5.1
Alpha Dog Untested
Alpha X Untested
Alpha X - Project: Smash Untested
AlphaBlock Completable 2.6.0pre
Alphabeta: A Room Full of Words Untested
Alys vs. The Phantom Feline Foe Untested
America 2000 Untested
Among Thorns Completable 2.5.1
Amoto's Puf Untested
A Martyr Of Time Untested
An Alien's Work Is Never Done... Untested
An Anxious Awakening Untested
An Entertaining Speech Untested
An Eternity, Reflecting Completable 2.6.0pre Some small graphical glitches
An Evening At The RabbitEye Motel Untested
An offer you cannot refuse Untested
Ancient Aliens - The Roots of Sound Untested
Animal Agency Untested
Animal Cruelty Untested
anna Untested
Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's Tower Untested
Annie Android: Automated Affection Completable 2.5.1
Another DG game: the search of the batteries Untested
Another Hero Untested
Another Museum Untested
Another Way Out Untested
Anthony's Essay Untested
Anti-Heroes Untested
Anticipating Murder Untested
Apocalypse Meow Chapter 1 - Gatitos: The Paws of Fate Untested
Apocalypse: Vel Untested
Apple Farm Untested
Appointment With Death Untested
Apprentice Deluxe Bugged 2.7.0pre Can't solve the laundry chute "puzzle"
Apprentice II: The Knight's Move Untested
Aractaur Completable 2.5.1
Archeos Completable 2.5.1
Arden's Vale Untested
Ardent Fever Untested
Are we there yet? Untested
Are we there yet? 2 Untested
Arjunaz78 @ AGS Untested
Armageddon Margaret Untested
Artie Salomon: What time is it? Untested
Ash Pines Untested
Asporia: Hidden Threat Untested
Asterix and the Roman Underground Untested
Astranded (Astro-Stranded) Completable 2.5.1
Astron Untested
Aswin's Dream Completable 2.5.1
At the Café Untested
Atapi Untested
Attack Game Untested
Au Naturel Untested
Audio Quest Untested
Automation Completable 2.5.1
Awakener Completable 2.5.1
Awakening - Part 1: Escape Untested
Awakening of the Sphinx Untested
Away in a Tower Untested
Awesmoe Quest Untested
Awesome Quest 1 Untested
BESIEGED, Or: How to Get Out of A Castle... Without Being Catapulted Untested
BSG78 - Unexpected at the Rising Star Untested
BYO-Hero Untested
Bach's Dead Untested
Bachelor Story Untested
Back Door Man Completable 2.5.1
Background Blitz Collection Screensaver Untested
Backlot: Adventure Antics Untested
Bad Bunker Untested
Bad Luck Untested
Bake Off Italia - The Graphic Adventure Untested
Baldy's Adventure Untested
Balloon Face Untested
Balls Untested
Baltazar the Familiar Untested
Banana Man Untested
Banana Racer Untested
BarHoppers Completable 2.6.0pre
Barahir's Adventure: Askar's Castle Untested
Barely Floating Broken 2.6.0pre Requires unsupported AGS Lua plugin
Barn Dilemma Untested
Barn Runner 0: The Case of the Runaway Robot Untested
Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair (Part 1) Untested
Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair (Part 2) Untested
Barn Runner 3: Don't Jerk The Trigger of Love Untested
Barn Runner 4: The Prick Who Came In From the Cold Untested
Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday (Part 1) Untested
Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday (Part 2) Untested
Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday (Part 3) Untested
Barn Runner Bake Sale 1: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese Untested
Barn Runner Halloween 1: Fully Automatic Mojo Untested
Barn Runner Valentine 1: Pucker Factor Untested
Barn Runner Visual Novel 1: The Mayor's New Dress Untested
Barn Runner Xmas 0: Christmas Soup Untested
Barn Runner Xmas 2: Wreck The Halls Untested
Barrier Untested
Bart's Quest For TV Completable 2.5.1
Bartolomeo, misled by circumstances, learns that appearances can be deceptive Completable 2.6.0pre
Basedon - The Game Untested
Battle Warriors: Rovendale Tactics Untested
Be Prepared / Bodi Pripravljen Untested
Beacon Completable 2.7.0pre
Bear Story Broken 2.6.0pre Requires unsupported AGS_Collision_Detector plugin
Bear in Venice Completable 2.5.1
Beasts Untested
Beat the Buzzer Broken 2.7.0pre Crashes immediately (null pointer referenced error)
Beauties and Beasts Completable 2.5.1
Before WW2 Untested
Before the Dark Crystal Untested
Before the Dark Crystal II Good 2.5.1
Belly of the Beast Untested
Below Zero Untested
Belusebius Arrival Untested
Ben Chandler: Paranormal Investigator! Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 1: In Search of the Skunk-Ape Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 2: The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 3: The Sorceress of Smailholm Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 4: Horror at Number 50 Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 5: Land of the Rising Dead Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 6: Scourge of the Sea People Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 7: The Cardinal Sins Untested
Ben Jordan P.I. Case 8: Relics of the Past Untested
Ben Jordan P.W.W. Case 1: Wrath of the Skunk Ape Untested
Ben Jordan and the dark cults Untested
Ben There, Dan That! Good 2.5.1
Bertha Butt's Boogie Completable 2.5.1
Bestowers of Eternity - Part One Untested
Betrayal Untested
Between the Pillars of Creation Untested
Beyond Eternity - episode 1: The West College Disappearances Untested
Beyond Horizon Untested
Beyond Reality Untested
Beyond Terror Untested
Beyond the door Untested
Beyond the horizon Untested
Bic's Christmas Tale Completable 2.5.1
Big Blue World Domination Good 2.5.1
Big Trouble in Little Imola Good 2.5.1
Bigfoot Untested
Biggles On Mars Untested
Billy And Desmond's Fantastic Amazing Rainbow Tube Untested
Billy B. Star and the Lapaset Travel Quest Untested
Billy Boy's Important Wine Lottery Untested
Billy Goats Gruff Untested
Billy Masters Was Right Completable 2.7.0pre Some texts hard to read (transparent letters)
Bioluminescence Untested
bird Untested
Birdy Birdy Untested
Bitstream Completable 2.6.0pre
Bittersweet 1.0.2 Good 2.6.0pre
Biwa of Blood Completable 2.5.1
Bizarre Earthquake Untested
Black Cauldron Remake Good 2.6.0pre
Black Friday Untested
Black Morph Untested
Black Sect 2: The Cursed Crypt - Remake Good 2.6.0pre
Black Sect Remake Good 2.5.1
Blackmail in Brooklyn Untested
Blackudder: To Doubloon or not to Doubloon Untested
Blades of Passion: An Oceanspirit Dennis Adventure Untested
Blaze From Outer Space Untested
Blind to Siberia Completable 2.6.0pre
BlindSweeper Untested
Blithe - Episode 1: The quiet town Untested
Blockz - A Slider Puzzle Game Untested
Blooded Fields Good 2.6.0pre
Blue Lobe Inc. Untested
Blue Moon Untested
Board Quest Untested
Bob Untested
Bob Escapes / Bob En Cavale Untested
Bob Goes Home Untested
Bob Goes Home Deluxe Untested
Bob Smith and the Unsolved Case of Mystery Untested
Bob's Quest Untested
Bog's Adventure in Easy3D Untested
Bog's Adventures in the Underworld Good 2.5.1
Bohemian Yard Untested
Boiler Room Blues Untested
Bolt Action Untested
Bone Untested
Boogie Bum's Roger Quest Untested
Book of Destiny Untested
Boundless Osher / Osher Bli Gvulot Untested
Bovine By-Product Untested
Bow and Dork Untested
Bowser Quirk Quest Untested
Box Untested
Boxfight for AGS Untested
Boy in da hood: Give me the money! Untested
Boyd's Music Mixer Untested
Brad Bradson: Key Quest Untested
Braquage à Gringotts Untested
Breakage Bugged 2.5.1 General slowness. Text renders behind the inventory, so items descriptions can't be read
Breakdown Completable 2.5.1
Breakfast on Trappist-1 Untested
Breaking Character Untested
Broken Windows - Chapter 1 Good 2.5.1 Must "force text antialiasing" for popup textboxes to display properly
Broken Windows - Chapter 2 Untested
Broken Windows - Chapter 3 Untested
Brothers & Wreckers Bugged 2.5.1 Episode 1 is completable. Episode 7 crashes at the beginning. Must "force text antialiasing"
Brothers & Wreckers - Episode 7 Untested
Bruce Quest: The Secrets of the Outback Completable 2.5.1
Bruises Untested
Bubble Wrap Popping Simulator 2013 Untested
Bubsy The Bobcat In Rip Van Bubsy Starring Bubsy Good 2.5.1
Buccaneer Completable 2.5.1
Buddy Brick Untested
Bullet Train Untested
Buna Wants Beer Completable 2.5.1
Bunny Quest Untested
Burrow Untested
Bury Me in the Sand Good 2.5.1
Bustin' the Bastille Completable 2.5.1
Butcher Stanys Untested
Butcher Stanys II: Stanys Meets Marilyn Manson Untested
By the Numbers Untested
By the Sword: Conspiracy Untested
Byzantine Untested
C.U.T.E. (Princess Marian VII) Untested
CATapault Untested
CGA Games Screensaver Untested
CGA: Christmas Game Arcade Untested
CODERBATTLE - quest for the whole game - Untested
CSI Hunt 1 Untested
Cabbage Quest Untested
Cabbages and Kings Untested
Cacho Quest Untested
Cake & Smurphy Puzzle Battle! Untested
Cale Quest Untested
Caleb's Drunken Adventure Untested
Call Me George, Chapter 1: Prophecy Completable 2.5.1
Calsoon 2 Untested
Calvin Untested
Camp 1 Completable 2.5.1
Cancer Untested
Captain Disaster In: The Dark Side of the Moon Untested
Captain Downes and the Pirate Princess Untested
Carrot Bob in ZX Spectrum world Untested
Cart Life Good 2.5.1
Cartenstein Good 2.5.1
Casablanca, The Day After Completable 2.5.1
Case Noir Completable 2.5.1 Must "force text antialiasing"
Cassandra Untested
Castle Escape - Chapter 1 Untested
Castle Escape - Chapter 2 Untested
Castle of Fire Untested
Catacombic Untested
Cauchemarionto Untested
Cave of Avarice Untested
Caverns Untested
Cayanne Pepper Good 2.5.1
Cedric Shooter Untested
Cedric and the Revolution Good 2.5.1
Cee-Lo! Untested
Celtic Chaos Episode 1: Cold mead Untested
Celtic Chaos Episode 2: Fishermen's fiends Untested
Chalk's Quest Completable 2.5.1
Chalkman Untested
Challenge of the Tentacle Untested
Chance Of The Dead Completable 2.5.1
Charamba, Chapter 1: Bitches in the Desert Untested
Charamba, Chapter 2: Hallowe'en Untested
Charlie Foxtrot and The Galaxy of Tomorrow Untested
Chasing Robot Untested
Chatroom Good 2.6.0pre
Chaëlle chapitre 1 : Mission Dragon Untested
Chaëlle chapitre 2 : Chimérie Untested
Chaëlle chapitre 3 : La Bataille de Zahrasie Untested
Cheerful Science Completable 2.5.1
cheKKen Untested
Cherry's Quest For Coffee Untested
ChessBoard Untested
Chez Apa Completable 2.5.1
Chick Chaser Untested
Chicken Untested
Chicken Fraction Untested
Chicken vs. Road Untested
Chinese Checkers Untested
ChocoFrogs Untested
Chongo's China Adventure Untested
Christmas Hunt Untested
Christmas Quest Untested
Christmas Quest 2: The Yuletide Flows In Untested
Christmas Quest 3: Santa's Little Help Desk Untested
Christmas42 Untested
Christopher Columbus is an Idiot Untested
Chronicles of Captain Cringe Completable 2.5.1
Cirque de Zale Completable 2.5.1
City Untested
City of Thieves: Rescue Sandy Untested
Claire Completable 2.5.1
Clarinette Untested
Class Notes Completable 2.5.1
Clik Untested
Clip goes to town Completable 2.5.1
Clotilde Soffritti in: Never Buy a Used Spaceship Completable 2.5.1
Clotilde Soffritti in: Never Double Park your Spaceship Untested
Clown at the Circus Untested
Club Midget Untested
Club of Evil Untested
Coell Decka Flight Untested
Coin Rush Untested
Coin Rush 2 Untested
Coin-Operated Afternoon Untested
Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup Untested
Cold Meat Untested
Cold Storage Untested
Colin Simpson Leaves Employment Completable 2.5.1 Text occasionally cut off
Colonel Carver's Carnival Curios Untested
Colour Clash Untested
ColourWise Good 2.6.0pre
ColourWise - Level Editor Untested
Columbus Lander Untested
Comedy Quest Untested
Comet Collision Untested
Commando: The Adventure Game Untested
Commissar's Contrapasso Untested
Comrade Citizen - Part I Untested
Concurrence Untested
Confessions Of A Cat Burglar Untested
Confinement Untested
Conifer Skunks: Osvald's Surprise Untested
Conspiracy of Songo Untested
Conspiracy: Below-Zero Good 2.5.1
Constance the Barbarian Untested
Contact Untested
Content Untested
Cop Untested
Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved Christmas Untested
Cornelius Cat in: The Uncontrollable Pest Untested
Corner's Shiny (2013 edition Untested
Cosmodyssey: Jammy Edition Untested
Cosmos Puzzle Untested
Cosmos Quest I Untested
Cosmos Quest II Untested
Cosmos Quest III Untested
Cougar's Quest for Freedom Completable 2.5.1
Counterfeit Completable 2.5.1
Coup de Cup Untested
Coyote Episode I: The Mexican Completable 2.5.1
Crackwell Unhinged Untested
Craft Of Evil Good 2.5.1
Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit Untested
Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit: The Fangs of Fortune Untested
Crash Course Untested
Crash! Evade! Destroy! Untested
Crave Good 2.5.1
Create your own adventure game: Your dreamy Christmas Untested
Crepe Fields: A Scare Among Crows Untested
Crime Zone Untested
Criminalist Untested
Crimm's Son Untested
Cross Stitch Casper Untested
Crow and Foxy / Le Corbeau et la Renarde Untested
Cryo Good 2.5.1
Crypt Completable 2.5.1
Cryptic Good 2.5.1
Crystal Quest Completable 2.5.1
Cutman Untested
cyberJACK Completable 2.6.0pre
Cybermemory Not Found Untested
Cyberpunk '97 - Episode 1 Untested
D. Jones: Deceased Untested
DDDDD: The Draft Drifter Who Dashed Doctor Dunno Untested
Da New Guys Untested
Dacey in the Dark: Prelude Broken 2.5.1 Can't enter the code to solve the padlock puzzle
Dada Christmas Special: Stagnation in Red and White Untested
Dada: Stagnation in Blue Untested
Dakota Untested
Dale's Film Quest Untested
Daleks Untested
Damsel - Chapter 1: Stress on the Tress Untested
Dan Finds His Beard Untested
Dance Til' You Drop! Completable 2.5.1
Danger Mouse Untested
Dangerous Derek's Livestream Untested
Dangerous Lands: Rovendale Tactics 2 Untested
Danny Dread is On Call Untested
Danny Sexbang in Celestial Catastrophe Untested
Dante's Day Untested
Dark Black Untested
Dark Times (Merry Christmas) Completable 2.5.1
Dark of Night Broken 2.6.0pre Runtime error when leaving the starting location
Dark Room Untested
DarkForce: Peace Among Nations Untested
Darkness and Denim Untested
Darum Untested
Das Niemandsland Untested
Dave Generic Untested
David Letterman - the Video Game Good 2.5.1
Davy Jones' Spellbook Untested
Dawns Wondered: At Age's End Untested
Day of Maniac Mansion - Ep. 1: Les aventuriers des grottes perdues Untested
Day of the Dimetrodon Untested
Day of the Fish Completable 2.5.1
Dead Dimension Completable 2.5.1
Dead Gods: Haizara 2 Untested
Dead Hand Untested
Dead Man's Political Party Untested
Dead Pixels Completable 2.5.1
Dead Room Untested
Dead Silence Untested
Dead Star Untested
Dead in Space Untested
Dead of Winter Untested
Deadly Consequences! Untested
Deat(h)'s Quest Untested
Death - Episode One: The scythe of unlimited power Untested
Death Wore Endless Feathers Disk 1 Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes immediately (unsupported AGSTrans plugin)
Death and Transfiguration Completable 2.5.1
Death as it Is Untested
Death of an Angel Untested
Death on Stage Untested
Death's Door Completable 2.5.1
DeckHex Untested
Deep Hope Untested
Deep Space Mission: Are we alone? Untested
Deflus Untested
Dehaunt Untested
Deity Untested
Delerium Untested
Dellamorte Dellamore Untested
Demon Day Untested
Demon Slayer 5 Completable 2.5.1
Dennis Dennis Revolution Untested
Depressomatic Untested
Der neue Wahnsinn der Familie Herfurth Good 2.5.1 Minor text glitches
Der verschwundene Husky Untested
Derrek Quest I: Lost in the desert Untested
Desert Miner Untested
Desmond: The 'Thing' from another world! Untested
Desolate 1.2 Good 2.6.0pre
Detective Boiled Hard Mini Case Untested
Detective O.Briced Untested
Detective Rizal and the Jaded Ruby Untested
Detention! Untested
Deus Ex Machina Untested
Devochka Quest Untested
Dexter Morning Routine Untested
Dick LaRenzo: Secret Agent! Untested
Die Masken Nyarlathoteps Untested
DigiLawyer Untested
Dinner for Pigeons 1.0.2 Completable 2.6.0pre
Dirandious Kroken Untested
Disgust Untested
Dislocation Completable 2.5.1
Disquiet Completable 2.5.1
Distance no object Untested
Do Robots Dream of Ice Cream? Untested
DoVaDuLa'S BuRn Untested
Doctor Muttonchop Untested
Doctor Who: Time Snare Untested
Doctor Who: Wrath of the Solonoids Untested
Dog Escape Untested
dolls house Untested
dolls house: INSANITY Untested
Don Spillacy's Conspiracy Quest Untested
Don the Dweeb: Dance Dilemma Untested
Don't Drink the Pink Untested
Don't Give Up The Cat Untested
Don't Ice Your Cool Completable 2.6.0pre
Don't Look! Untested
Don't Push The Button Untested
Don't Worry Baby Untested
Don't Worry, I'll Bring The Beer! Completable 2.6.0pre
Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor Good 2.6.0pre
Donkey.Bas AGS Remake Good 2.6.0pre
Donna: Avenger of Blood Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes to debugger with ERROR: Unknown tag 'PrmA' found!
Donnie Darko - The Adventure Game Untested
Doom: A Very Graphic Adventure Completable 2.5.1
Doors Untested
Doses Untested
Dr. Chuckles' Miniature World Of Madness Untested
Dr. Evil Untested
Dr.Lutz Time Travel Machine Completable 2.5.1
Draconis Untested
Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator Untested
Dragon Orb Untested
Dragon Tales Untested
Dragon's Fang Untested
Dragonscale: The Encounter Untested
Dread Mac Farlane Untested
Dread Mac Farlane - Part 2 Untested
Dread Mac Farlane, apprentie pirate Untested
Dread Mac Farlane: Neverland Monopoly Untested
Dreamagine Completable 2.6.0pre
Dreamcat Adventure: Jenseits von Traum und Zeit Untested
Dreams of Winter Mass Untested
Dressed for a Fight Out Untested
drugs and alians Untested
Drunk Fred in the Cell Untested
Duke Stanley, National Hero in: The 30 Minute War Untested
Dumbass Drivers! Completable 2.5.1
Dungeon Hands Untested
Dusk Hunters Untested
Dust to Water Demo Completable 2.6.0pre
Duty First Untested
Duty and Beyond Good 2.6.0pre
DuzzQuest2 Untested
DuzzQuest: An Egotistic Adventure Untested
Dysmaton Demo Completable 2.6.0pre
ELF: And soon the darkness... Untested
ELF: The 4 elements Untested
ELFO: Rescue Craby Untested
ESCAPE from the garage Untested
ESPER: The Town on the Edge of Darkness Good 2.5.1
EXIT Bugged 2.6.0pre Videos don't work
Earl Bobby is looking for a Loo Untested
Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls Untested
Earl Bobby is looking for his Shoes Completable 2.5.1
Earl Mansin: The Breakout 1.1 Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes to debugger with !Newroom error when starting a new game
Earth Story Untested
Earthling Priorities Completable 2.6.0pre
Easter Encounter Untested
Easter Island Defender Untested
Easter in Reality-on-the-Norm Untested
Echidna Chwest Untested
Echo in the Clouds Untested
Echoes of Terra Completable 2.5.1
Echoes of the Past Untested
Ed Watts: Bar Runner Untested
Edmund and the potato Completable 2.5.1
Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit Completable 2.6.0pre
Eerie Blue Demo Bugged 2.6.0pre Occasional slowdowns, text hard to read
Ego in Planet of the Apes Untested
Egress - The Test of STS-417 Untested
Einstein Machine Untested
El Misterio de la Escuela de Arte Untested
Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee Untested
Elf Motors Inc. Untested
Elfer Untested
Elia, Ilaria & the Kids Having a Good Time at the Sea (or at least they try) Completable 2.6.0pre
Elimination by Improvisation Untested
Elmo's Wagon Conflict Untested
Emerald Eyes Good 2.5.1
Emily Enough: Imprisoned Good 2.5.1
Emma Roide Completable 2.5.1
Empty Mind - Blank Fate Untested
Encounters of the Closest Kind Untested
Endless Loop Untested
Enkerro's Time Paradox Untested
Enoworld Untested
Enquête au pays des Olonnes Untested
Enter The Story Untested
Entrapment Untested
Entrapped Untested
Equilibrium - Out of Time Good 2.5.1
Eric the Anteater Untested
Erk: Adventures in Stone Age Real Estate Completable 2.5.1 Cave wall doodling does not work properly
Errand Untested
Escape Untested
Escape From Evergreen Forest Untested
Escape From Terror Bay Untested
Escape From The Chaotic City Untested
Escape From The Salem Moons Untested
Escape From The Zombie City Untested
Escape From a Small Room 1: The walls are closing in Untested
Escape from Lurrilous Untested
Escape the Barn Untested
Escape The Ledge: Octagon Untested
Escape the ship Untested
Escape to Civilization Untested
Essence of Imagination Untested
Essia Untested
Eternal Chrysalis Untested
Eternal Torpor / Sopor Eterno Untested
Eternally Us Completable 2.6.0pre
Event Timer Untested
Everlight Forest Untested
Everything that Begins with an M Untested
Evil Untested
Evil Dead 4 Untested
Evil Enterprises Untested
Evillodge: The Criminal Adventure Game Untested
Ex Machina Untested
Exploration A Untested
Exposed Reality Untested
FBI Quest Untested
FIFA International Football 2004 Untested
FSi's $1000000 Quest! Untested
FSi's Ache Quest Untested
FSi's Alienation! Untested
FSi's CotMATtCEHotSVD Untested
FSi's MHCFHR! Untested
FSi's PowerCow From Uranus! Untested
FSi's Vacuum Cleaner Gone Mad Untested
Fading Shades Untested
Fake the moon landing Untested
Fall Untested
Fallen Angel Untested
Fallen Hero Untested
Fallen soldier Completable 2.5.1 Temporary graphical glitch after the shootout
Falling Dark Untested
Falling Dark 2: Relapse Untested
Fanbots Completable 2.5.1
Fantasy Motus Untested
Fashion Girl Untested
Fasmo 2: Fasmo Goes West Good 2.5.1
Fasmo! Completable 2.5.1
Faye King: Jungle Jeopardy Completable 2.5.1
Fearaphobia Untested
Featherweight Broken 2.6.0pre Game-breaking bug near the end.
FemSpray Good 2.5.1
Feng Shui And The Art Of TV Reception Broken 2.6.0pre Requires unsupported ags_theora plugin
Feuersturm - Kapitel 1: Zurück in die welt Untested
Feuersturm - Kapitel 2: Der unheimliche Zug Untested
Feuersturm - Kapitel 3: Wo Der Wald Beginnt... Untested
Fhaloness Completable 2.5.1
Fight for Life Untested
Finger of suspicion Untested
Firefly story 3D Untested
Fists of Murder Untested
Fixer Untested
Fixumdude's 3D Printing Adventure Untested
Flame Barrels Untested
Flash McCoy Untested
Flashbax Completable 2.5.1 Accessing the cargo bay may require multiple clicks
Flight from the Robots Untested
Flight from the Robots - Chapter 2 Untested
Floaty Rog' Untested
Flophouse Hijinks Untested
Flower Girl Untested
Flukie Untested
Flux World Untested
Fly Paper Untested
Flying Thinker Untested
Focality Untested
Foggy Dawn Untested
Foggy Notions Untested
Food Wars Untested
Fool Around Untested
Force majeure II: The Zone Untested
Forest Untested
Forest Dweller 3D Untested
Forge: Chapter One Untested
Forge: Loom Recap Untested
Forgetten Death Untested
Forms Untested
Fortress of Wonders Broken 2.6.0pre Some locations not accessibile, requires unsupported OtherRoom plugin
Foundations Completable 2.6.0pre
Framed! Untested
Frank Further: The Further Adventures of Stanley 'Frankfurter' Jones - Chapter I Untested
Frank Stallone: The Driver and Mob Enforcer Untested
Frank the Farmhand - Part 1: The Big Escape Untested
Frank the Farmhand - Part 2: The Secret of Guija Untested
Frankenpooper Untested
Frantic Franko: A Bergzwerg Gone Berserk Untested
Frasier Crane: Seattle Rampage Untested
Freak Chic Untested
Fred and Barney meet the future Untested
Fribbeldib Untested
Fridge Follies Completable 2.6.0pre
FrightFest: Dracula vs. Frankenstein vs. The Mummy Untested
Fritz Untested
Frog Island Untested
From Hell's Hart, I is Stabbings: An Oceanspirit Dennis Tale Untested
Frozen Kingdom Untested
Fulkramick's Dreamting: An Interactive Adventure Untested
Fun With Numbers Untested
Fun, Sun & Mishaps Untested
Fur Balls 1 - evil be thy name: Bundles of mayhem! Untested
Futurama: Who Said That? Untested
Future City 3000 Untested
Fynewrylst Memories: The Secret of Golden River Untested
G.P.'s Lost Adventure Untested
GNRBLEX Good 2.6.0pre
Galaxy Quest: The Arkainian Artifact - Part I Untested
Game Quest Untested
Games Galore! Untested
Garfield: Attack of the Mutant Lasagna Untested
Gasse Suit Tollis 3: Looking for Love Untested
Gateway Remake Good 2.6.0pre
Gay Greg is Grounded Untested
Gem Collector Untested
Genbu's Favour Untested
Geometric Shapes 1: Circleboy Untested
Gesundheit! Demo 1.1.2 Good 2.6.0pre
Get Squirty! Untested
Get away from PLUTO Untested
Get food Untested
Getting the Picture Untested
Ghost Virus Invasion Untested
Ghost Voyage Untested
GhostCatchers Untested
Gifting Spirit Untested
Gladiator Quest Untested
Glitch Quest Untested
Glorious Wolf 2 - The Queens Gambit Untested
Gnome's Homebrewing Adventure Good 2.6.0pre
Go North Untested
Go North 2 Untested
Goat Burn Untested
Goat Herd and the Gods Untested
Gold of the Red Dragon Untested
Gone Boat Fishin' Untested
Gone fishin' Untested
Gone, My Angel, Gone Untested
Good Evening Totti Untested
Good God! Untested
Good Man Untested
Good Morning, Mr. Gingerbread! Untested
Good Santa, Bad Santa Broken 2.6.0pre Requires unsupported AGS snow plugin
Goontang Chackalaka Untested
Goose Quest 1 Untested
Got a Light? Good 2.6.0pre
Grand Kitchen Escape Untested
Grandad and The Quest for The Holey Vest Untested
Graveyard Completable 2.6.0pre
Gravity's Test Game Untested
Gray Untested
Greenback - Prologue Untested
Grizzly Goose of Gosse Untested
Groundhog Untested
Grr! Bearly Sane Completable 2.6.0pre Minor graphical glitches
Guardians of Gold Untested
Guy Slug: Private Eye Completable 2.5.1 Minor text issues
Guy who landed on weird red planet Untested
Guy: by hook or by crook Untested
Guyver 1D Untested
Guyver Quest I: Sho Adventure Completable 2.5.1
Guyver Quest II: Cronos Completable 2.5.1
Gwen Darkly: A Speechless Case Untested
H2G2: Towel Day Good 2.5.1
HELP! the game Good 2.6.0pre
HENdRIX' Island Untested
HYDRATE Untested
H_PUNK_// Untested
Hack Untested
Halloween Untested
Halloween Horror Bugged 2.5.1 Videos don't work
Halloween with an unexpected Guest Untested
Hallway of Adventures Completable 2.5.1
Hang On Completable 2.5.1
Happy Duckie Adventure Untested
Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks! Untested
Harry Caine UNRATED Untested
Harry Potter RPG Untested
Harry and the Locked Crocs Shop Shock Untested
Harry's 21st Birthday Untested
Haunted Castle Untested
Hauntings of Mystery Manor Untested
Haven - Episode 1 Untested
Hawk Eye Quandaries Untested
He Came Through the Door Untested
He Watches Untested
He's Gone Historical Good 2.5.1
Head over Heels Untested
Headbanger's Heaven - A Rock & Roll Adventure Untested
Heart of Abraxas Untested
Heartland Completable 2.5.1
Heartland Deluxe Completable 2.5.1
Heatwave Broken 2.5.1 Null pointer error during the introduction. Videos don't work
Heaven, Hell and the Neitherworld Untested
Heavy Metal Nannulf: The Strange Stage Completable 2.5.1
Heed Completable 2.5.1
Hell's Puppy Untested
Hello Neighbor! Untested
Hello! Taxi! Untested
Hélycia Untested
Hen Man: Origins Untested
Henk Stroem in: Lost In Cellar Untested
Henry Smith and the Looters of Peru Untested
Herby Untested
Here Be NO Sirens Untested
Hero of Infamous Kingdoms Untested
Heroes of Wyrdale Untested
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok Steam 1.2.7 Good 2.6.0pre
HeroQuestBeuk Untested
HiYah! Untested
Hidden Plains Good 2.5.1
Hidden Treasure: Ryan's Fortune Completable 2.5.1 Some text glitches. Credits video does not work
Hide Completable 2.6.0pre
Highland Spirit Untested
Him Good 2.5.1 First encounter is sped up, text disappears quickly
Him Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes after first encounter
Hit the Freak Untested
Hjarta Untested
Home Sweet Reality-on-the-Norm Untested
Homunculus Untested
Honk's Adventure Untested
Hood Good 2.5.1
Hook's hook! Untested
Hope Completable 2.6.0pre
Hopelessness Untested
Hopping Homeward Untested
Horror Hospital Untested
Horse Park DeLuxe Untested
Horse Park Fantasy Untested
Hotel Hansen Untested
Hotel Hijinks Completable 2.5.1
House Quest 2 Untested
House of Horror Untested
House of de Sade Untested
How They Found Silence Completable 2.5.1
How many... Completable 2.6.0pre
Hubris - A Popular Pub Pastime Untested
Huggles Goes On A Trip! Untested
Hungry Untested
Hungry Worm Untested
Huong Jiao Ping Completable 2.6.0pre
Hurray Untested
Huxz Adventure Untested
Hybrid Untested
Hyde and Seek Untested
Hypnotoad Untested
I Can't Sleep in Silence - It's Always Darkest Untested
I Forgot... Untested
I need a Wee! Untested
I Rented a Boat Broken 2.7.0pre Only the intro works, pseudo 3D part crashes immediately
I Spy II Untested
I Think We Got Lost Untested
I Walked a Path Completable 2.6.0pre
I Want Out! 1.1.5 Completable 2.6.0pre
I am Ourobouros Untested
I want an Identity / Quiero una Identidad Untested
I want to die / Quiero Morir Untested
I want to die / Quiero Morir Remake Untested
I'm Only Sleeping Untested
I'm free / Soy libre Untested
I'm not crazy, right? - The Cell Untested
I'm not crazy, right? - The Well Untested
I'm still Here Untested
I.S.O.S. Good 2.6.0pre
IAMJASON Completable 2.5.1
IAMJASON Good 2.6.0pre
iD Completable 2.5.1
III-Spy Untested
ISN: Kill! Untested
IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: The Game! Completable 2.5.1
Ice Station Zero Untested
Ice in the Air Untested
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers Completable 2.5.1
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers Good 2.6.0pre
Il était un Geek Untested
ill-uminum Untested
Illumination Diminishing Untested
Illusion Untested
Imposter Syndrome Untested
In Bloom Untested
In Limbo Untested
In search of Marina Untested
inconvenience Untested
Indiana Jones: ATP-fr Test Untested
Indiana Jones - Coming of Age Completable 2.5.1
Indiana Jones and the Crown of Solomon Demo 2.1 Completable 2.5.1
Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth Demo 1.1 Completable 2.5.1 Title screen music does not play properly
Indiana Jones and the Gold of Genghis Khan Untested
Indiana Jones and the Passage of Saints Completable 2.5.1
Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold Untested
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Spheres Untested
Indiana Jones and the Window of the Crystal Cursor Untested
Indiana Jones and the relic of the Viking Completable 2.5.1 Some annoying pathfinding issues
Indiana Jones et le Berceau de l'Hiver Untested
Indiana Jones et le Royaume des Voeux Untested
Indiana Jones et les aventuriers de l'arche perdue Untested
Indiana Jones et les aventuriers du nouvel an Untested
Indiana Rodent: Raiders of the Lost Cheese 1.1 Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes after the introduction
Indy Bones: The Book of the Gods Untested
Infantry Division 1338 Untested
Infection - Episode I: The Ship Good 2.5.1
Infection - Episode II: The Station Untested
Inferno: the demo of a rotten bastard Untested
Infinite Monkeys Untested
Infinity Bit Untested
Inner Sanctum Untested
Insane Bert Untested
Inside Monkey Island Completable 2.5.1
Inside Monkey Island: 2nd chapter Completable 2.5.1
Inside Monkey Island: 3rd chapter Untested
Inside Monkey Island: 4th chapter Untested
Inspector Gismoe Completable 2.5.1
Instagame: Grok Completable 2.5.1
Instagame: Space Adventure Untested
Instagame: Space Adventurer Untested
Instagame: Space Oddities - Zoip's Escape! Untested
Instagame: The Strange Planet Untested
Integer Battleship Untested
Intergalactic Space Pancake! Untested
Interstellar Borders Untested
Intestinator! Untested
Into The Light Completable 2.5.1
Intra-World Untested
Intra-World 2 Untested
Inversion Untested
Invincible Island Remake Good 2.6.0pre
Irish Coffee Untested
Isaac's Odyssey Untested
It's Just a Reality-on-the-Norm Game Untested
It's a Bugs Life Untested
JACK Untested
JWB Games Demo Game Untested
Jack Trasheater - Chapter I: Pain House! / Jack Trasheater e la Casa del Dolore Untested
Jack Trekker - Somewhere in Egypt Untested
Jacob Untested
Jacob - VertigoAddict's cut Untested
Jacqueline White - Bad Trouble in the Red Desert Untested
Jacqueline White - Curse of the Mummies Untested
Jail House Breakdown Untested
Jake's Very Last Journey Untested
James Bond Untested
James Bond - Who wants to live again? Untested
James Peris 2 Untested
James Peris es el agente 00,5 Untested
James in Neverland Untested
Jason and the Golden Apple Untested
Javelin Catch Untested
Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy Untested
Jetpack Sam Untested
Jimm's Quest III: Lesko's Revenge Untested
Jimmy The Troublemaker Untested
Jimmy's Day Untested
Joe's Horrible Hell Untested
Joe's Miserable Life Untested
John Harris and the Treasure of the Pharaoh Untested
John Jebediah Gun and Sepheret Island Untested
John Lost His Key - Episode 1 Untested
John Lost His Key - Episode 2 Untested
John Sinclair - Voodoo in London Completable 2.8.0git loading/saving and sound works fine, also the font display is correct
Johnny Rockett Adventure Untested
Jon Stickman Untested
Jonah's Place Untested
Jonny and the sweet fragrance of feces Untested
Journey Untested
Journey Home Untested
Journey to Hell Untested
Julius Dangerous .. and the space invaders Untested
Julius Dangerous 2 Untested
Jump! Jack! Flash! Untested
Jumpin' Jack: the bean powered kid Untested
Jumpin' Jones in: The Big Switch-Off Untested
June 20th Untested
Just Another Point n Click Adventure Untested
Just You And Me Untested
KATA Untested
KTX-1 Untested
Ka and Da Untested
Kanji Gakusei Untested
Karelian Ninja Untested
Kart-Quest Untested
KaturAlchimie Untested
Katura Colonisation Untested
Katura Puzzle Adventure Untested
Katura Puzzle Arenas Untested
Katura RPG Untested
Keptosh I: The Search for junc Untested
Keyboard Madness Untested
Keys of a gamespace. An expressive game Untested
Kill Joseda Untested
Kill Me Now Untested
Killer Floating Eye Untested
King Robert's Quest: The Frustratingly Early Access Adventure Untested
King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown Remake Untested
King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones Remake 3.1 Enhanced Good 2.6.0pre Small graphical artifacts during the introduction
King's Quest III Redux: To Heir is Human Untested
King's Quest III+ Untested
King's Quest III: To Heir is Human VGA Remake Untested
King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Retold Untested
King's Quest IX: The Silver Lining VGA Untested
King's Quest for Orgy Untested
Kingdom Legend Untested
Kingdom Legend 2 Untested
Kingsley Road, 1980 Untested
Kinky Island Untested
Kirjastotäti Untested
Kiselyova Unleashed! Untested
Kitten Adventures Untested
Kitty Quest Untested
Knight Quest for the Golden Ring Untested
Knight's Quest III - Tides of Merania Untested
Knight's Quest IV - Here Today, Gone to Yesterday Untested
KnightSquire Untested
Knorrig the Gifted Troublemaker Untested
Kod Durova Untested
Koffee Krisis Untested
Kong Over Baghdad Untested
Korin's Mines Untested
Koschei The Immortal - The Beginning Untested
Kristmas Krisis Untested
Kuma Story Untested
LOL, Oceanspirit Dennis Untested
La boite Untested
La Carbonara Untested
La Cicuta Untested
La Croix Pan Untested
La Gran Castanya Untested
La Grande Plaine Untested
La Llave y Fabian Shones Untested
La Légende d'Eikos chapitre 1 : Le Seigneur des Loups Untested
La Légende d'Eikos chapitre 2 : Réveil dans la Nuit Untested
La Maleta Untested
La Odisea del Fracaso II Untested
La Potion Magique Untested
La Tabla de Rawls Untested
Lab Rat Escape Untested
Lab Rat Maze! Untested
Labyrinth Untested
Lance The Penguin Untested
Larrywilco in: Paradise Lost Untested
Last Clown Standing Untested
Last Flight of the Starship Hindenburg Untested
Last Hope Untested
Last'n'Furious Untested
Late Last Nite Untested
Laundry Day Untested
Laura Bow in The Road to Murder Untested
Lava Blava Untested
Lazarus Wants Pants Untested
LazyTown: The New Kid Untested
Le Jeu de Rôles des Chroniques de Katura Untested
Le Lac Untested
LeChuck Stories Untested
Legend of Rovendale Untested
Legend Of Sky Stones Untested
Legends of Mardaram Untested
Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Point and Click Remake Untested
Leisure Suit Larry: Lost in Love! Untested
Lema Sabachthani Untested
Les Chroniques de Katura Untested
Les Miserables Untested
Les Sciences du Faër Untested
Les Voyages de Futuro Untested
Let's Cook - School of Cooking with Koala Untested
Lettera Amorosa Untested
Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland - an interactive storybook Untested
Libre Motus Untested
Lichdom - "Where did I put that..." Untested
Lif and the Treasure of the Tanones Untested
Life Untested
Life in a Box Untested
Life of D. Duck Untested
Life of D. Duck II Untested
Lifeboat: The Story of Cedrick Untested
Lightning Master Untested
Like A Dream Untested
Like a Fox! Untested
Lilly the Wonder Wizard Untested
Limey Lizard: Waste Wizard! Untested
Line Game Untested
Linn the Protector and the Seven Daughters of Ran Untested
Little Dreamer Untested
Little Girl in Underland Untested
Little Leonardo Untested
Little Simulated People Untested
Living Nightmare Untested
Living Nightmare: Endless Dreams Untested
Living Nightmare: Freedom Untested
Locke's Escape Untested
Locked In Untested
Locked Out Untested
Loftus and the Sky Cap Untested
Lone Case 2: Scars Untested
Lone Case 3: Showdown Untested
Lone Case 4: Epitaph Untested
Lone Case: Locomotive Breath Untested
Lonely Night Untested
Long Live the Cat King Untested
Long expected Friday Untested
Look at me. Look at my face. Does it look like I care about school? - Chapter 1 Untested
Looking For Dread Mac Farlane / A la recherche de Dread Mac Farlane Untested
Loom II: Return of the Swans Untested
Lord of Light Untested
Lorry Len Untested
Ladies of Sorrow: Night One Untested
Los Jovenes De La Guerra Untested
Lost Answers Untested
Lost In Paradise Untested
Lost In The Nightmare Untested
Lost In The Nightmare 2: Unforgettable Memories Untested
Lost in the Tomb / Paper-Kubik Untested
Lost In The Woods Untested
Lottó Untested
Lowe Quest Untested
Lucas Maniac! Completable 2.5.1 Inventory scrolling is clunky
Lucas Mendoza, Amateur Detective: The Searchers of The Beginning Untested
Luke's Existential Nightmare Untested
Lunar Lander Untested
Luther in the Hood Untested
Lydia Untested
Lydia and the Mystery of Nellreno Manor Untested
Lygophilous Untested
M*A*S*H*: The Point n' Click Adventure Untested
META Untested
MI5 Bob: The Uplift Mofo Party Plan Untested
MOTLPAA Untested
Maaikes Elektrokit Untested
Machines Have Lucid Dreams Untested
Maelstrom Obscura - Case 1: The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster Untested
Mafalda: The Strange and Unusual life of Mafalda West, Part 1 Untested
Magic Ball of Fortune Untested
Magic Owl Untested
Magic-8-Ball Untested
Magical Whatever Girl Rocks Out In The Stone Age Untested
Magnum, P.M Untested
Magsic Untested
Magsic II Untested
Major Bummer Dude: Lassi Quest Reality-on-the-Norm Untested
Mamma Mia! Winter Ice Cream Mayhem Untested
Man Boy vs. Doctor Sock Untested
Man Giving Up Untested
Man vs. Fish Untested
Mana Match Untested
Maniac Apartment Untested
Maniac Mansion - DOTT-style Remake Untested
Maniac Mansion DS Untested
Maniac Mansion Deluxe Completable 2.5.1
Maniac Metalhead Mania Untested
Maniac Metalhead Mania II: The Heavy Metal Rescue Mission Untested
Mard's Personal Little Revenge Untested
Marty aus dem All Untested
Masked Untested
Masquerade at the Con Untested
Masters of Sound Untested
Matilda and the Curse of King Stephen Untested
Matt Wilson's Hour Game Untested
Matt to the Future Untested
Maverick Gunn and the Eye of Oggun Untested
Max Fury Untested
Max Griff in: The Lost Dollar Untested
Max's Parade Untested
May the Best Snowman Eat a Carrot Untested
Mayak: Lost Way Untested
Me Go 2008! Untested
Me Go Cannibal Jungle! Untested
Me Go Store II: Me Go Away! Untested
Me Go Store! Untested
Mechanismo Untested
Megacorp Redux Untested
Melrin: The Disciple Ordeal Untested
Melrin: The Dragon Menace Untested
Melrin: The Pendant Quest Untested
Memoriae Untested
Memories Fade Untested
Memories of a Snake / Memoires d'un Serpent Untested
Men In Hats: Attack of the Evangelists Untested
Menial - A Utopian Bagel Simulator Untested
Merry Christmas, Alfred Robbins Untested
Meshumba's Reckoning Untested
Mess Goblins Untested
Messed-Up Mother Goose - DELUXE MY ASS: ENHANCED Untested
Metaphobia Untested
Meteor: A Tale About Earth's End Untested
Mi Untested
Mickey Mauser - Part 1: The Wrath of the Rat Untested
Midnight Spirit Board Untested
Midnight Squadron Untested
Mika's Surreal Dream II: The Dream Comes True!? Untested
Mike Lechey and the Forgotten Race Untested
Mike's Room Untested
Milkshake Untested
Mind Rape: Duress Untested
Mind's Eye Untested
Minifeg: The Search Untested
Minor Minion Untested
Misc Untested
Missing In Action Untested
Missing since Midnight Untested
Mission Futura II: Der Zorn des Klon / Mission Zukunftia II Untested
Mission Futura: The Mindless Menace / Mission Zukunftia Untested
Mobile Angel Untested
Mon Cul! Untested
Money Cab Untested
Monkey Island - Carnaval Vudú - Parte 1: La Busqueda Untested
Monkey Island - Guybrush's Son Untested
Monkey Island - The new adventure Untested
Monkey Island 0 - Daementia Untested
Monkey Island 0 - Navidad Untested
Monkey Island 1/2 Untested
Monkey Island 2.5 - El parque de las Pesadillas Untested
Monkey Island 2.5 - Escape From Big Whoop Untested
Monkey Island 5: The Return of LeChuck Good 2.5.1
Monkey Island Illusion Untested
Monkey Island: Bad Day to be Dead Demo Broken 2.6.0pre Crashes silently during the introduction. Videos don't work
Monkey Island: Carnival of the Damned Broken 2.6.0pre Won't start
Monkey Island: La Maldicion Vudu Untested
Monkey Island: Largo's Revenge / La Venganza de Largo Untested
Monkey Wrench Issue 1: Paying The Bills Untested
Monkeys to the Moon Untested
Monster Wants In Untested
Monster from the hounted hill Untested
Monty on the Norm Untested
Monty Python's Makeout Mansion Untested
Monty the Komodo dragon Untested
Moonlight Moggy Untested
Moorland Sonata Untested
Moose Rage - part 1 Untested
Moose Rage - part 2 Untested
Mordy 2: The Mirror of Truth Untested
Mordy: On Holiday Untested
More Monkeys Untested
Morgan Ale, Case 1: Professor D Untested
Morning Shift Untested
Morphine Untested
Mourir en Mer Untested
Moustache Quest Untested
Mr. Bear Teaches English Untested
Mr. Danger's Contest Untested
Mr. Frisby Saves Xhristmas Untested
Mr. Tijerakis Untested
Mudlarks Untested
Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog Untested
Murder in a Wheel / Mord im Laufrad Completable 2.5.1
Murder in the Mansion Untested
Murder most grisly!! Untested
Murphy's Salvage - Mission 01: Just My Luck Untested
Murran Chronicles - Episode 1: Jersey Devil Untested
Murran Chronicles - Episode 2: Talons of Terror Untested
Murran Chronicles - Episode 3: Lifedrinker of Landsdowne Untested
Mutagen Untested
MuuYeeb the Ghost Untested
My Burden to Keep Good 2.5.1
My Burden to Keep Good 2.6.0pre Corrupted Main menu fonts
My Dear Globalist Agenda Untested
My Father's Secret Untested
My First Big Adventure Untested
My First Quest Untested
Mysteries of Peak Valley 1 - The Lost Sonata Untested
Mysteries of Peak Valley 2 - The White Lady Untested
Mysterious House Untested
Mystery Meat Mayhem Untested
Mystic Seer Untested
Mythical Gambit: Flawless Fatality Untested
N.orth E.ast W.est S.outh Untested
NES Quest Untested
NSFWare Untested
NTGTFOI - The Game Untested
Naked Fear Untested
Nanobots Untested
Narcoleptic Weight Loss Expert Untested
Nauticell Untested
Necroquest - The Inheritance, Chapter 1 Untested
Nedy's Adventure: The curse of Vera Untested
Nefasto's Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze Untested
Neku's new trip Untested
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Untested
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD Untested
Neos Aires 2070: Sunday Comes First Untested
Nerdy Quest Untested
Never Alone Hotline Untested
New City Untested
New Kid Gotta Steal Somethin' Untested
Next to Evil Untested
Night Witch Untested
Night Witches: Women of the clouds Untested
Night and Day Untested
Night of the Raving Feminist Untested
Night of the Testicle Untested
Night of the Zombie Fish! Untested
NightWatch (2008) Untested
Nightmare Untested
Nightmare Frames Untested
Nightwork Untested
Nina Tonnerre Untested
No Monkey's Banana Untested
No Traveller Returns Untested
No one touches my Hamster Untested
No, I Am Spartacus! Untested
No-Action Jackson Untested
Noah's Quest Untested
Nobody Cares Untested
Noisy Mountain Untested
Norbi winter special Untested
Norbi's quest Untested
Norbi's quest 1,5 Untested
Norbi's quest 2 Untested
Normal Day Untested
Norman Cooks in: \"Search for the Don\" Untested
Norse Rune Reader Untested
Nosferatu: Big City Untested
Not Fine Untested
Not My First Apocalypse: Stormpuncher Untested
not the explainable Untested
Note to Self Untested
Notebook Detective Untested
Noughts & Crosses Untested
Nous, les Mortifer Untested
NukemDukem Forever Untested
Number Rescue Untested
Object Room Untested
Obsession Untested
Oceanspirit Danish Untested
Oceanspirit Denise: Heroics In The Nick Of Time! Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis - Archipelago Adventures 1 Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis - Last Boss Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis 2 Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis 3D Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis Gets Textual Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis LOSERS HIS VAGINITY Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis Moby GearWhaleDX Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis Sorta 99% FAMOUS Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis vs. Cloud Strife Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis vs. Reality-on-the-Norm Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis's Holiday Havoc! Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: A Ray of Hope Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Leather Gear Smooth Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Mighty Pirate Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Mighty Viking Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Pirates on the Poopdeck! Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Rise of the Spirit Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Scourge of the Underworld Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Scourge of the Underworld HD Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: Sweet Revenge Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Full Name Of This Game Won't Fit In The Subject Line!!1 Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Lost World Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Naked & The Ninja Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: The RPG Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Terror of the Ice Princess Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: The Wet Spot Untested
Oceanspirit Dennis: [][][][][][][][][] Untested
Odot Tamat On Untested
Of birds and bees Untested
Of the Essence Untested
Off The Clock Bugged 2.6.0pre Malformed texts, hard to read
Office Shenanigans Untested
Oh du lieber Augustin Untested
Oh no not again! Untested
Oh, it's Christmas Untested
Ok...Now this is awkward! Untested
Old Woman Beardychin and the Scruffedy Bumtious Untested
Olol Untested
Omnipotent Tarot Untested
On Leaving The Building Untested
Once Upon A Crime Untested
Once Upon A Time Untested
Once Upon a Time in Keel Untested
Once upon a time in the '70s Untested
One Untested
One Dungeon One Week Untested
One More Fathom Untested
One Rainy Day Untested
One Room Untested
One Room, One Cheese Untested
One Week, One Room Untested
One of A Kind: a divine comedy of mistakes Untested
One of them Untested
One spy too many Untested
Only The Good Die Young Untested
OpenQuest Untested
Operation Novi Untested
Operation Save Blue Cup Untested
Operation: FORKLIFT Untested
Operation: Red Dice Untested
Ossuarium Untested
Otaku Rivals Untested
Other Worlds Untested
Otis Builds a Fire Untested
Our Finest Hour Untested
Ouroboros: The Sacrifice Untested
Out of Gas Untested
Outbreak Untested
Outbreak: The Warehouse Untested
Outrage Dreamer Roads 3 Untested
Outrage Dreamer Roads 4 Untested
Outscore Untested
Outta' Juice Untested
Over Roger Untested
Owl Hunt Untested
Owl's Quest: Every Owl has its Day Untested
Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos Untested
Oz Orwell and the Exorcist Untested
P.I. Al Luminum: Haunted House Untested
PISS Untested
POEng'n'Klik Untested
PONG Untested
Palacin Untested
Palette Quest Untested
Palette Quest 2.0 Untested
Panda In Space Untested
Pandor Untested
Paper Planes Untested
Paramnesia Untested
Paranoid! Untested
Paranormal Investigation Untested
Party Untested
Patchwork Untested
Path of the Skinwalker Untested
Paul Moose In Space World Untested
Paul Quest Gold Edition Untested
Paul Romano - Recollection 1 Untested
Paula in Wonderland Untested
Pendek Untested
Penga & Obcster's Christmish Adventure Untested
Pennis: The Ultimate in Pong! Untested
Pepe's Little Adventure Untested
Perceptions Untested
Perelman Untested
Perils of Poom Untested
Personal Rocket Untested
Pester Quest: From n00b to newb Untested
Petals Around the Rose Untested
Pharmacist Jones Untested
Philosophers Like Hot Cocoa Untested
Phoenix1 Untested
PiXiA: Rainbow of Havoc Untested
Pickpocket RPG Untested
Pig in a poke Untested
Pilot Light Untested
Pimpin On Parakuss IV Untested
Pink Sky Untested
Pinky the Silly Alien Untested
Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus Untested
Pirate Fry 3: The Isle of the Dead Untested
Pirates of Monkey Island of the Caribbean Untested
Pirates! Untested
Piratess - Season of the Silver Moon Untested
PIXEL Untested
Pixel Hunt (2005) Untested
Pixel Hunt (2007) Untested
Pixxxelhunter: The Epic Untested
Pizza Calls Untested
Pizza Nostra Untested
Plan 10 from MY PANTS!!! Untested
Plan M Untested
Planet Xmas Untested
Plant Simulator Untested
Platform Horde Untested
Platformerius - The Ninja Incident! Untested
Play It Again: An Improv Point And Click Adventure Untested
Play Xylophone & Singing Cat Untested
Pledge Quest I: The SpaceVenture Adventure Untested
Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors Untested
Pleurghburg: Dark Ages Untested
PlumberBoy Untested
Pocket Quest Untested
PocketFluff! Yay! Untested
Political Enemy Untested
Politically Yours Untested
Pompadour Pete On The Road To Goblin Keep Untested
Ponderabilia Untested
Postman's Quest - Not Rain nor Sleet nor ARMAGEDDON Untested
Potato Head: Sweet Attack! Untested
Poudlard Motus Untested
pouvoir Untested
Power Nap Untested
Power Unlimited Boardgame Untested
Practice Script: The 1-Room Puzzler Untested
Predators Prey For Plants Untested
Prep Time Untested
Pride & Relatives Untested
Prime Minister's Questions: The Game Untested
Prince Dickless Untested
Princess Marian VIII: Snow Fight!!! Untested
Princess Marian XI: Light Re-leaf Untested
Princess Marian and The Phantom of the Ballet (Princess Marian IX) Untested
Princess Marian and the Fountain of Unicorns (Princess Marian part VI) Untested
Princess Marian's Pigeon Pinger Untested
Principles of Evil Untested
Principles of Evil II: Misery Loves Company Untested
Prisoners of Ice Untested
Private Detective Untested
Procrastinator Untested
Prodigal Untested
Prodigal 0 Untested
Prodigal Shooter Untested
Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doom Completable 2.6.1
Project Evilspy II Untested
Project Lazarus Untested
Project Madness Untested
Project Xenophobe Untested
Proof of Fiction Untested
Proposal Untested
Prototypical Untested
Providence Untested
Proxecto Percebe Untested
Psycho Flashback Untested
Psychopomp Untested
Pub Master Quest Untested
Pub Master Quest II - Shogin Crystal Untested
Pub Master Quest Legends Untested
Pub Master Quest Wandering Spirits Untested
Puddy Penguin Untested
Purgatorio Untested
Purity of the Surf Untested
Purpose : Retired Untested
Pussie Hunt Untested
Puzzle Bots Untested
Puzzle of the Pulchritudinous Pumice Untested
Quest Fighter Untested
Quest Fighter II Untested
Quest For Cinema Untested
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Remake Untested
Quest for Jesus Untested
Quest for Yeti Untested
Quest for Yrolg Untested
Quest for the Blue Cup Untested
Quimby Quest I: A New Dope Untested
R'n'B Quest Untested
R.ACE Untested
RAM Ghost Untested
READY starring Ready Eddie Untested
ROBO-QUEST 2009 Untested
Rabbit Hill Untested
Racist Untested
Rackham Untested
Rain & Snow - The Bouncer Untested
Rain of Blood Untested
Rainbow Skunk Prism and the Vermin-Truder Untested
Ralph the Raven Untested
Ramses Porter and the Relay for Love Untested
Rango Untested
RapSqLud Untested
Rapstar 1.5 Untested
Rat Channel Untested
Rat Playing Game Untested
Raven - Chapter 1: The Commands of Eurybia Untested
Ray Bexter Untested
Ray and the Guitar Untested
Ray's Rods Untested
Razors in the Night Untested
Re-Agent Orange Untested
Reactor 09 Untested
Reality Check Untested
Reality Check 2 Untested
Reality Check 3 Untested
Reality Check 4 Untested
Reality-in-the-Norm Untested
Reality-on-the-Norm 13:13 Retaliation Untested
Reality-on-the-Norm 13:13^2 The Thickening Untested
Reality-on-the-Norm 5th Anniversary Trailer Untested
Reality-on-the-Norm: Before the Legacy Untested
Recess Untested
Recess 2 Untested
Recollection Untested
Red Beard Saves Reality-on-the-Norm Untested
Red Dwarf Untested
Red Flagg in: Don't Call me Blue! REDUX Untested
Red Hot Overdrive Untested
Redpants Meets Robinson Clauseau Untested
Reef Rivers in: When Time Stops Untested
Reef Rivers: Quest for Ekoban Untested
rein Untested
Renuncio! Untested
Renuncio: Parte 2 - El Escape Untested
Reon Quest Ep. I: The Mysterious Aluminatti Society Untested
Reon Quest Ep. II: Escape From Bully Island Untested
Requiem Untested
Research Reservations Untested
Research Resident Untested
Retroron Untested
Return Journey Untested
Return To Civilization Untested
Return to Candle Cove Untested
Return to Monkey Island Untested
Revelation Untested
Revenants Untested
Rex and Sissi in Pink Cult Untested
Ricky Quest Untested
Riders of the Lost Ark Untested
Righteous City - part I Untested
Righteous City - part II Untested
Ripper Jack Untested
Road Racer Untested
Road of Destiny Untested
Road to Brollywood Untested
Roast Mother Goose Untested
Rob: The Massacre of Chainsawness Untested
Robbing The Princess Untested
Robert Redford Saves The Day Ep. 1: Getting There Untested
Robert Redford Saves The Day Ep. 2: The Pit and the Pendulum Untested
Robert Redford Saves The Day Ep. 3: Who Framed Roger Redford Untested
Robo Quest Untested
Robolution Untested
Robot City Police Department Untested
Robotragedy Untested
Robotragedy 2 - Countdown To Doomsday Untested
Roccio Quest Untested
Rock - A True Story Untested
Rock Burgers & Tree Houses Untested
Rock Rock Rock Untested
Rock Travis - Camilla's case Untested
Rock, Paper, Scissors! Reboot Untested
Rockabilly Kid Untested
Rocky roams Untested
Rode Quest 2: The Sweet Smell of Stenchie Untested
Roger Against The Odds - Part 1: Trapped in the lab Untested
Roger's Juggle Quest Untested
Roger's Lame Adventure Untested
Roger's Quest Untested
Rogered Untested
Rogue Untested
Root of All Evil Untested
Rosaura Docelestial: Rescue from Despair Untested
Rosella Wilson Meets Helm Untested
Rough Diamond Untested
Rowen Goes To Work Untested
Rude Awakening Untested
Rufus' Story Untested
RunAway Untested
Runestones! Untested
Rupt Quest Untested
Ryan's Day Out Untested
S.A.M. - Scrap Allocation Manager Untested
SLEUTH Remake Untested
SNOW - The Adventure Game Untested
SP Machinima - Episode 1 Untested
SP Machinima - Episode 2 Untested
SQ Kubik Untested
SQ Online Strike Untested
SRAM 2 - Cinomeh's Revenge Untested
SSH's Walkcycle Generator Untested
Sabotage on Noegato-Bas Untested
Saddson Issein Untested
Salazar's Evil Plan Untested
Sam & Max - Il caso Gilbert Untested
Samarkand Untested
Sammy Sperm Untested
Sammy's Quest Untested
Sandi Knievel: Stunt Rider Untested
Sandmen Untested
Santa and the orphanage Untested
Santa Claus Down Untested
Santa Claus in A Flight To Remember Untested
Santa Quest Untested
Santa's Sidekick Untested
Santa's Stolen Sleigh Untested
Satan Quest Untested
Satch's Quest Untested
Saturday Night Symbiosis Untested
Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week Untested
Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week 2 Untested
Saturday School Untested
Saw Untested
Saw II Untested
Sawn 1: Pain is just the start! Untested
Scales Training Game Untested
Scarecrow and his quest for a brain Untested
Scared Stiff Untested
Scary Maze Halloween 2016 Untested
Scenario 5B Untested
Schoollout Untested
Science! Untested
Scnidersom Untested
Scotch's Animation Demo Untested
Scram School 3 Challenge 17: "Petezah Time III: Petezah in Space" Untested
Screaming Souls Untested
Scum Pub Untested
Scylla and Charybdis: A Grecian Ship From Olympus U Untested
Scythe Island Untested
Search for Sanity Untested
Search for the Christmas Present - Remake Untested
Seashells Untested
Season Greetings 2002 Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part II: White Moon or Red Moon Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part III: Rest In Peace Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part IV: Abendmond Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part IX: Zwei Welten in Einer Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part V: Next Evolution Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part VI: Mysterious Time Travel Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part VII: Ocean Life Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part VIII: Ungewisse Herkunft Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part X: Walder Hier Und Dort Untested
Second Moon Adventure - Part XI: Jahrtausendwende Untested
Second Place is for Losers Untested
Seconds Time's the Charm Untested
Secret Quest Remake Untested
Secrets Untested
Secrets of Sultan Kanuni Untested
Seed Untested
Self Untested
Sepulchre Completable 2.5.1
Serina's Transylvanian Trip Untested
Serum Untested
Sevgilim Olur musun? Untested
Shades of Greye Untested
Shadowgate Remake Untested
Shadows of Reality-on-the-Norm Untested
Shai-la du Sith : l'Enquete / The Investigation Untested
Shai-la of the Sith / Shai-la du Sith Untested
Shamrock High Graduation Untested
Shape Village Untested
Shapeshift for Cheese Untested
Share This With Your Friends Untested
Sharky's 3: The Heist Untested
Sheep Quest Untested
Sheet: The art of Art Untested
Shemwood Plains Untested
Sherlock - The Dark Arts Untested
Shifter Untested
Shifter's Box - Outside In Untested
Shifters Untested
Shit in Trump's Bed Untested
Shitty Quest Untested
Shoot My Valentine Untested
Shoot, I Got Abducted! Untested
ShortCut Untested
Should Have Worn Socks Today Untested
Shrivel Untested
Shunday Untested
Sierra Quest 1: Roberta in Love Untested
Signal & Echo: Iris is Missing Untested
Signal Loss Untested
Silent Knight - Chapter One: The Mediocre Escape Untested
Silent Knight - Chapter Two: The Conscience of the King Untested
Simon the Sorcerer 3 Untested
Simon's Journey Untested
Simon, The Sorcerer's Brother Untested
Sims Hogwarts Untested
Sinbad - The Island of Korkus Untested
Sinking Untested
Siren Untested
Sister's Little Helper Untested
Sisyphus Reborn Untested
Sixteen Untested
Skippy Saves The Day Untested
Skumring Untested
Sky Adventure Untested
Skyfall Untested
Skytower Rescue Untested
SL vs. AUS 07 Untested
Slay the Dragon Untested
Slay the Dragon II Untested
Slay the Dragon III Untested
Sleeping Beauty Untested
Sleuth - Chapter One Untested
Sliders Quest Untested
Slime Quest for Pizza Untested
Slug Princess Untested
Smile or Die Untested
Smiley's Quest Untested
Smiley's Quest 2 Untested
Smokin' Weed Untested
Smooth Hide Untested
Snake Untested
Snakes of Avalon Untested
Snakes on a plane! Untested
Sniper and spotter being patriotic Untested
Sniper and spotter climbing a tower Untested
Sniper and spotter serving the motherland Untested
Snowy Adventures Untested
Solitude Untested
Something Novel Untested
Somewhere Untested
Somnamulizer: A Tale From Olympus U Untested
Song Animals Untested
Sonic and friends in: Club House Untested
Sophia McGrath and the Strange Invitation Untested
Soren's Quest Untested
Souls Quest Untested
Soviet Unterzögersdorf: Sector I Untested
Soviet Unterzögersdorf: Sector II Untested
Space Bird Missile Cats Untested
Space Cat vs. Virus Untested
Space Cross: The BSG-Team Untested
Space Freakers Untested
Space Gremlin Untested
Space Hunter Untested
Space Lynxes Untested
Space Madness Untested
Space Maze Untested
Space Pirates Untested
Space Pool Alpha Untested
Space Quest 5.5: Save Captain Roger Untested
Space Quest 7 Mania Ep. 1 Untested
Space Quest 7 Mania Ep. 2 Untested
Space Quest II - Vohaul's Revenge VGA Remake Good 2.5.1
Space Quest II SVGA Remake Untested
Space Quest III VGA Preview Untested
Space Quest IV.5 - Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home Completable 2.5.1
Space Quest Mania 1x1 Untested
Space Quest Mania 1x2 Untested
Space Quest Mania 1x3 Untested
Space Quest Mania 1x4 Untested
Space Quest Mania 1x5 Untested
Space Quest Mania 1x6 Untested
Space Quest Minus 1: Decisions of the Elders Completable 2.5.1
Space Quest Visual Novel Untested
Space Quest XII: Vohaul's Revenge II Untested
Space Quest for Glory Untested
Space Quest: A Son of Xenon Chapter I Good 2.5.1
Space Quest: Incinerations Completable 2.5.1
Space Quest: Planet of the Incredible Menace Untested
Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back Completable 2.5.1
Space Rangers S.O.B. Ep. 46: The Devil Within Untested
Space Rangers S.O.B. Ep. 52: The Redemption of Grisli Adams Untested
Space Sim - AGS 3D Untested
Space Trash Untested
Space Tunneler Untested
Space War - Episode 1: The Crystal Untested
Space War - Episode 2: Curien Strikes Back Untested
Spaceman in Space Untested
Speed Buggy: Manifold Destiny Untested
Spellbound: A Clive Mandrake Adventure Untested
Spider Trek Untested
Spilakassinn - The Slot Machine Untested
Spit Boy Untested
Splinter Untested
Split Fighters Untested
Spooks Untested
Spoons III - The Unauthorized Edition Untested
Spot The Difference (2003) Untested
Spot The Difference (2015) Untested
Sprouts of Evil Untested
Stable Pete and the Joust Untested
Stair Quest Untested
Stan Ames, Private Eye - Episode 1: Murder Incorporated Untested
Stan's Revenge Untested
Star Trek - Aventure Galactique Untested
Star Trek - Back To The Mansion Untested
Star Trek Mission Untested
Star Trek Newton - Part One: Anomaly Untested
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - Graphic Adventure Untested
StarFreakers Untested
Stargate Adventure Untested
Stargate Quizz Untested
Stargate SGC Untested
Stargate Solitaire Untested
Starlit Grave Untested
Starship Caramba Untested
Starship Light Untested
Starship Poseidon - Part 1 Untested
Startropy Untested
State of Mind Untested
Steam Trek: Clueless around Risa Untested
Steamed Hams: The Graphic Adventure Untested
Steamsquares Untested
Stediddy in IP1 - Employment Untested
Stellar Mess - Episode 1: The Princess Conundrum Untested
Stephen King DodgeEmCars Untested
Steve Quest Untested
Stickam Hour Game Untested
Stickman RPG Untested
Stickmen in the land of the terrorists Untested
Sticky the Stick Figure Part 1: The Crimson House Untested
Stories of the unexpected: 'Until further notice' Untested
Stranded Untested
Stranger Things Untested
Stranger by Night Untested
Stranger in Stickworld Untested
Strawman Bombing Disposal Untested
Stuck at Home Untested
Stuck in a Muddle with You Untested
Stuck on you Untested
Studio Mediocre: The Case of the Bedeaded Dramatist Untested
subAtomic Untested
Submerged - LaSol Untested
Subterra Untested
Subway Crisis Untested
Summer Woes Untested
Sunrise Paradise Untested
Supa-EviL Untested
Super Hama Queste Untested
Super Pitstop Racing Untested
Super Star Trek 25th Untested
Superego - Chapter 0 Untested
Supergirl in: We Don't Need Another Hero Untested
Supernatural: The Terror Trio Untested
Suppa Ninja Untested
Surreality Untested
Suspicious Mind Completable 2.7.0pre Fonts are missing some pixels
Sven Gordan, Paranormal Parody - Case 1: In search of Big Apes Untested
Sweet Mythery Untested
Sword - The First Remake Untested
Sydney Finds Employment Untested
Sydney Treads the Catwalk Untested
Symbiosis Untested
sync::routine Untested
T-Rex and Muscle Sam: A New Kickstart! Untested
T-Rex and Muscle Sam: Big Trouble in Smashing Potatoes Federation Untested
T.O.T.S. : Trick-Or-Treat Simulator Untested
TIME-PARADOX 2009 Untested
Tactician: Civil War Untested
Tales From The Outer Zone: Cyborg Seppuku Untested
Tales From The Outer Zone: Fleshworms Untested
Tales From The Outer Zone: The Construction Untested
Tales From The Outer Zone: The Goat Crone Untested
Tales From the Road Untested
Tales from the Eureka Cluster : The Abtyon Case Untested
Tales of Chickenry Untested
Tales of Jayvin Untested
Tales of Otubania Untested
Tao Through Space and Time Untested
Tarthenia Untested
Taste the blood of darkness Untested
Tea for Two - A Detective Logan Case Untested
Technobabylon - Part 3: In Nuntius Veritas Untested
Ted McBinky and his Steam Engine Untested
Teh Horror! Untested
Tenhum's Tomb Part 1 Untested
Terror of the Vampire! Untested
Terror Within Hawk Manor Untested
Teru Teru Bozu Untested
Tetricity Untested
Text Parser Game Untested
Thar she blows! Untested
That Crazy World Untested
That Day Untested
The 1000 Hour RPG Untested
The 24 Hour Game Untested
The 4th Wall Untested
The 7th Sense Untested
The Addict Untested
The Adventure of the Hero Untested
The Adventures of Josh and Dyan Untested
The Adventures of Princess Marian part X: Magic Hat Untested
The Adventures of Redpants: The Princess and the Beanstalk Untested
The Adventures of Stanley 'Frankfurter' Jones Untested
The Adventures of Turquoise MacDonald Untested
The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang Untested
The Agency: Part One - The Conspiracy Untested
The Agnostic Chicken: The Quest For The Bottle Opener Untested
The Alien / The Spaceman Untested
The Amazing Adventures of Lucy Lavender Untested
The Amazing Doctor Maze Untested
The Art of Dying Untested
The Artifact Untested
The Aspirox Case / L'Affaire Aspirox Untested
The Assassin Untested
The Astonishing Captain Skull Untested
The Awakening Untested
The BAD day in year Untested
The Bar Untested
The Big Bad Wolf & Three little pigs Untested
The Blackbird Strikes Back Untested
The Block Untested
The Book Unfinished Untested
The Book of Spells (A funtasy Adventure) Untested
The Book of Spells (A funtasy Adventure) - Chapter 4 Untested
The Broken Brain Untested
The Bum Untested
The Bunker Untested
The Burger Flipper Untested
The Burgomaster Untested
The butler didn't do it Untested
The Cabin Untested
The Campaign of Daphne White Untested
The Can Untested
The Candy Forest Untested
The Case of the Festival Filcher Untested
The Case of the Stolen Moustache Untested
The Cat Case Untested
The Cell (2005) Untested
The Cell (2017) Untested
The Chronicles of Max and Maggie Untested
The Chronomancers Untested
The Chrysalis Untested
The City Adventure Untested
The City That Drowned Untested
The Clockwork Labyrinth Untested
The Cold Hand Reef Untested
The Colorless Sylph Untested
The Coming of Age - a Lorna Bains whodunit Untested
The Condemned Untested
The Crackwell Legacy Untested
The Cradle Untested
The Crazed Chicken Untested
The Crystal Ball Untested
The Cube Untested
The Curse of Life Completable 2.6.1
The Curse of Monkey Island: Classic Edition Untested
The Curse of the Vampire Untested
The Dark Cave: Adventures of Princess Marian part IV Untested
The Dark Plague Untested
The Dark Trial Untested
The Day Nothing Happened Untested
The Day Of Darkness Untested
The Death of Luke Simpson Untested
The Death of Oceanspirit Dennis Untested
The Decorcist Untested
The Deed Untested
The Demonic Dollhouse Untested
The Devil Got My Woman Untested
The Devil's Shroud - Part I Untested
The Devil's Shroud - Part II Untested
The Devil's Shroud - Part III Untested
The Devil's Shroud - Part IV Untested
The Devil's Teeth Untested
The Devious and Daring Commando Raid of Linkattus Untested
The Digital Spell Untested
The Dollhouse - Chapter 1: Plaything Untested
The Dome Untested
The Dream Job, ep. 1 Untested
The Dream Within a Dream Untested
The Dwarven Dagger of Blitz Untested
The Dwarven Dagger of Blitz - Chapter 2 Untested
The Elegant Murder Mystery Untested
The Elevator Completable 2.6.0pre
The Elevator - Rise from the Abyss! Untested
The Enchanted Lake Untested
The Endless Night Untested
The Energizer Untested
The Eternal Night Untested
The Ever-Beginning Tale Untested
The Everyday Adventures of the Evil Dr. Zoo Untested
The Execution of Anne Boleyn Untested
The Experiment - Part 1: The Laboratory Untested
The Experiment - Part 2: Menacing Darkness Untested
The Faketrix Untested
The Family Treasure Untested
The Fan Game - Back to the Future - Interactive Adaptation Untested
The Fan Game - Back to the Future Part III: Timeline Of Monkey Island Good 2.5.1
The Fan Game - Back to the Future Part IV: The Multitasking Crystal Good 2.5.1
The Fan Game - Back to the Future Part V: Multidimensional Space-Timelines Good 2.5.1
The Fan Game - Ghostbusters and The Secret of Monkey Island Untested
The Fan Game - I'll Be Back to the Future With A Terminator Good 2.5.1
The Fan Game - Saint Seiya - Galaxian Wars Untested
The Fan Game - The Goonies Untested
The Fan Game - The Pixel Has You - Disk 1 Untested
The Fan Game - The Secret of Monkey Island - RECODED Untested
The Fan Game - Zak McKracken: A Mansion, a Meteor and the Alien Mindbenders Untested
The Far Corners of the World: Chapter 1 - The Book, the Box and the Key Good 2.5.1
The Farm Untested
The Farm - Episode One Untested
The Fickle Hands of Fate Untested
The Find Untested
The Frame on the Wall Untested
The Front Untested
The Frozen Shore Untested
The Funny Boneyard Untested
The Furthest Station Untested
The Garden of Hades Untested
The Glass Splinters Untested
The Gourmet Untested
The Granville Chronicles - Part 1: The Rebellion Begins Untested
The Great Casserole Caper Untested
The Great Stroke-Off! Untested
The Greenroom - An Escape Room Adventure Untested
The Grug Legends Untested
The Guilt Eternal Untested
The Halloween Party Untested
The Hamlet Untested
The Hamresanden Chronicles II: The Black Prism Untested
The Hat Untested
The Haunted House Untested
The Heist Untested
The Historical League of Bouncy Boxing Untested
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Remake Untested
The Hobbit: Rise of the Dragon King Untested
The Holocaust Museum Untested
The House Without Windows Untested
The House of Mr. Chocolate Untested
The Ice Cream Mystery Untested
The Infinity String Untested
The Iraqi Paradox Untested
The Jackyard Untested
The Jimi Hendrix Case Untested
The Journey Down: Over the Edge Untested
The Journey Home - Part One Untested
The Journey of Iesir Untested
The King of Rock in: Riding the Wild Wind Untested
The Knobbly Crook Untested
The Knobbly Crook - Chapter 1: The Horse You Sailed In On Untested
The Last Harvest Untested
The Last Light Post Untested
The Last Supper, A Whodunnit Untested
The Legacy of Icecream Man Untested
The Legend of Seth the Bard Untested
The Lighthouse Untested
The Lightning Spell Untested
The Lion's Den Untested
The Loathesome Man Untested
The Lone Loser Untested
The Lone Planet Untested
The Long Trip Untested
The Longest Winter Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 1 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 2 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 3 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 4 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 5 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 6 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 7 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 8 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 9 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 10 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 11 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 12 Untested
The Lord of the Bytes - Chapter 1 Ep. 13 Untested
The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 1 Untested
The Lurking Horror Untested
The Majestic Conspiracy Untested
The Man From Fugue State Untested
The Man That Only I Can See Untested
The Man in the Hat Untested
The Man Who Liked Cats Untested
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat Untested
The Manuscripts of Sarmanyanha Untested
The Marionette Untested
The Marvellous Adventures of Princess Marian Untested
The Marvellous Adventures of Princess Marian part II: Mother's Day Untested
The Marvellous Adventures of Princess Marian part III: Happy Birthday Little Flower Untested
The McCarthy Chronicles - Episode 1 Untested
The McReed Case Untested
The Medical Theories of Dr. Kur Untested
The Midas Heist Untested
The Mind Untested
The Mistery of Big Whoop Untested
The Mouse Who Overslept Untested
The Murder of Adrian Elkwood Untested
The Museum Untested
The Mushroom Man Untested
The Mysteries of Stiego Moor - Volume One: The Wicker Man Untested
The Mystery of Hackenslash Island Untested
The Mystery of Haunted Hollow Untested
The Mystery of Loony Island Untested
The Netherworld Untested
The New Adventures Of Billy The Kid Untested
The New Adventures of Zak McKracken Broken 2.7.0pre Uses custom resources and interpreter
The Next Curse Untested
The North Crown Untested
The Object of All Dreams Untested
The Occultist - Old Growth Untested
The Office Untested
The Old Man and the Sea Untested
The One That Remains Untested
The Oracle Untested
The Orange man Untested
The Oscillation Untested
The Outbreak (Day of Comet) Untested
The Oven Untested
The Paparazzi Prince; and the Quest for Headlines Untested
The Paramecium Complex Untested
The Park Untested
The Parrot Snatchers Untested
The Path of the Pumpkin Untested
The Penthouse Untested
The Perfect Murder Untested
The Pet Shop Incident Untested
The Phantom Inheritance Untested
The Potion Master Untested
The Princess and all the Kingdom Untested
The Quest To Zooloo Untested
The Quest for the Holy Salsa Untested
The Quiet Game Untested
The Quite Annoying League Untested
The Rail Untested
The Rat Pack Untested
The Rat Pack Do Cheesy Castle Untested
The Reaper Untested
The Rebirth Untested
The Rent / L'Affitto Untested
The Repossessor Untested
The Robolovers Untested
The Rotary Club Untested
The Sacred Tablets of Tibet Untested
The School Untested
The Search Untested
The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis Untested
The Secret Plan - Chapter 1: Running to stand still Untested
The Secret of Chunky Salsa Untested
The Secret of Garbh Eileach Untested
The Secret of Hutton Church of England Grammar School Untested
The Secret of Maike Island Untested
The Secret of Monkey Island 2 Untested
The Secret of Monkey Island - Prision Demo Untested
The Secret of Monkey Island Revealed Untested
The Secret of Mount Monkey Untested
The Seven Doors Untested
The Shadow Avenger: It's personal! Untested
The Shaft Untested
The Shawshank Redemption Untested
The Shindig of Dennis Untested
The Shooting Game Untested
The Shortest Journey Completable 2.5.1
The Sleepy Island Untested
The Smallest Points Untested
The Snaplock Untested
The Snow Queen: After the Apocalypse Untested
The Spider's Web Untested
The Spoons Untested
The Starry Sky Above Me Untested
The Stinker Untested
The Story Of The Alien That Crashed Untested
The Strawman Augment Untested
The Summoned Untested
The Sundown mystery Untested
The Surprisingly Short Adventure of Leopold Kettle Untested
The Survivors / Les Survivants Untested
The Tale of Lonkey Island Good 2.5.1 Felt a bit slow at times. There may be some issue with the Wak-A-Rat mini game and with the language selection.
The Tapestry - Chapter 1: The Unraveling Untested
The Tapestry - Chapter 2: Rend Untested
The Tapestry - Prologue: The First Stitch Untested
The Tattoo Room Untested
The Tomb of the Moon Untested
The Trap - A Darcy Muldoon Adventure Untested
The Treasure of Loch Inch Untested
The Treasured Medallion Untested
The Trial of the Schnellersparrow Untested
The Truth of the Matter Untested
The Ugly Files Untested
The Uncertainty Machine Untested
The Underworld Untested
The Unfolding Spider Untested
The Unicated Untested
The Vacuum Untested
The Viking Guardsman Untested
The Village Untested
The Visitor Untested
The Visitor 2 Untested
The Visitor 3 Untested
The Void Untested
The Voodoo of Monkey Island Untested
The Wacky World of Wally Weasel Untested
The Wages of Darkness Untested
The White Canvas / Lienzo en Blanco Untested
The Wicked Witch of the West Untested
The Will Untested
The Winter Rose Untested
The Witch's Lullaby Untested
The Witch, the Wizard and the Blue Cup Untested
The World is Weird Untested
The Worm Untested
The Young Gabriel King Chronicles Untested
The Zipper Meteor Untested
The bad neighbours Untested
The cadaver synod Untested
The case of The Muffin Diver Untested
The day after you went away Untested
The disgraced prince Untested
The epic adventures of Barry Untested
The house that ate my soul Untested
The hunt for Goldbeard Untested
The hunt for Shaun Binda Untested
The unprintable Magenta Untested
The wife who wasn't there Untested
There Untested
There's Something in the Pipes Untested
Think Outside the Boxland Untested
Thinker Untested
This City at Night Untested
This Game Untested
This Game Might Improve Your Memory Untested
This Odd Feeling Untested
This is the Way Untested
Three Guys Walk Into Heaven Untested
Three Little Pigs and a Wolf Untested
Threepwood's Nightmare Untested
Throw Me in the River Untested
Thrymly Disguised Untested
TiLTOR Untested
Tiger Hawk Squadron Untested
Tile Puzzle Untested
Time Out Trailer Untested
Time Quest Untested
Time Quest 2 Untested
Time Stone Untested
Time Trial Untested
Timesink of Chronos Untested
Timothy Lande Untested
Tiny Soccer Manager Stories Untested
Tir Na Nog Untested
To the end of the way Untested
To The Mountains Of Madness Untested
Toffee Trouble in Creamville Untested
Tom Hanks Away: Wilson's Revenge Untested
Tom and Jimi in Blowout! Untested
Tomb Hunter: Ramitupem Untested
Tomes: Layne's Discovery Untested
Too Many Kittens Untested
Totti's missing claw Untested
Trade it forward Untested
Trance-Pacific Untested
Trapped in a building Untested
Trash Quest Untested
Tres Acordes Untested
Trevor Daison in outer space - Chapter One: Trouble on Percicron IV Untested
Triangle Head's Adventure Untested
Trickers Untested
Trilby's Notes Untested
Trilby: The Art Of Theft Untested
Trivial Pass You It Untested
Troll Song - Verse One: Completely Stoned Untested
Troopers Untested
Tropic Jim's Sweet Island Adventure Untested
Tropic of Capricorn Completable 2.6.0pre
Trouble Kingdom Untested
Trouble on the Corner of Sugar & Spice Untested
Troubling Teleportation Untested
Turtles Ninja in Time Untested
Tv Quest Untested
Twelve Thirteen - Episode 1 Untested
Twelve Thirteen - Episode 2 Untested
Twelve Thirteen - Episode 3 Untested
Twelve Thirteen - Special Edition Untested
Twenties Flappers vs. The Mummy Untested
Two Brothers / Två bröder Untested
Two ghosts of that house: the missing toy Untested
Two of a Kind Untested
Tómate un Descanso Untested
U-ropa Untested
UNGA needs MUMBA Untested
Ugal's Embrace Untested
Ulitsa Dimitrova Untested
Ultima Latin VII Untested
Un Profe Untested
Unbound Untested
Underwater Adventures Untested
Unexpected Guest Untested
Unexpected Quest Untested
Unfair Untested
Unfinished Untested
Unfinished Business Untested
Unfinished Tales / Cuentos Inconclusos Untested
Unintelligent Design Untested
Unlicensed to Kill Untested
Unscripted Untested
Until Dawn Tomorrow Untested
Update Quest Untested
Upducted Untested
Urban Witch Story Good 2.5.1
Urusei Yatsura: Dear My Friends Remake Untested
Urgent Quest Untested
Utopia of Tyrant Untested
VR Reality-on-the-Norm Tour Untested
Vacant Bodies Untested
Vacation Quest... Thing Untested
Valhalla Extinction Untested
Valis Untested
van K. Airbreak Untested
Vector Vendetta Untested
Vegetable Patch Extreem Turbo Untested
Vegetable Patch Extreem Turbo 2 Untested
Veggie Tales 3D Untested
Venator Untested
Vertigo Untested
Very Bad Taste: Dels don't hide! Untested
Veteran shootout Untested
Vexation Island - The Game Untested
Vic Wreckle's Halloween Costume Untested
Villard Must Fall! Untested
Virtual Piano Untested
Vivarium Untested
Voodoo Dave and the Tablecloth Mystery Untested
WALL-E Fan Adventure Untested
WOO: World of Our Own Untested
Wallard & Gromoid in: A Planned Day Out Untested
Walter's Asteroid Untested
War Stars Untested
Warning: Fragile! - Chapter I: Operation Blindhawk Untested
WarpTile Untested
Washed Ashore Untested
Wasted Untested
Water Quest Untested
We Are Vectors Untested
We'll meet again... Untested
Weathered Untested
Welcome to Dark Lake Untested
Welcome to Nod River Untested
Well, well, well, what have we here? Untested
Wendy Whedon chapitre 1 : Le Ranch Mortensen Untested
Wendy Whedon chapitre 2 : Les Rejets de la Nature Untested
Wendy Whedon chapitre 3 : Le Kasshinkston Express Untested
West of the Root Untested
Wet Untested
What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed Untested
What a whopper! Untested
What is that Untested
What the F--K happened!? Untested
Wheel of Torture Untested
When the world calls... Untested
Where Be Dragons? Untested
Where No Fear Was Untested
Where did Sam go? Untested
Where Did The Humans Go? Untested
Where's M' Hat Ma? Untested
Which Witch Untested
Whiskey Weather Untested
White Bear Beauty Chlorinde and the Paranormal Parrot Untested
White is more DEAD - Episode I Untested
White is more DEAD - Episode II Untested
White is more DEAD - Episode III Untested
Who Killed Bambi? Untested
Who Killed Who? Untested
Who sent me to Oblivion Untested
Who wants to live forever? Untested
Wilfred: 2088 Untested
Williams Nightmare Untested
Willow House Completable 2.8.0git Thicker, jagged fonts
Win a Million! Untested
Winners Don't Do Drugs Untested
Wisp Untested
Witch Night Untested
Witch! Untested
Witchy Woo Untested
Without a Prayer Untested
Witness! Untested
Wizard Hangover ExtreamZz! Untested
Wizardhood Untested
Wolf Country Untested
Wooly Rockbottom and the Quest for the Golden Beard of Thor! Untested
World of Darkness Unbound - Prodigal Untested
World of Warcraft: The IMBA Quest Untested
Wormhole - Capítulo 1 Untested
Wrecked Untested
Wretcher Untested
Writer's Blocks Untested
Wrong Channel Untested
Wulffenstein – Im Kreuzfeuer der Reporter Untested
Y Untested
Yago, the Coquerrestrial / Yago, el Coquerrestre Untested
Yet Another Death of Davy Jones Scenario Untested
Yoda Untested
You must be this tall Untested
You rock, Topus! Untested
Your Grace Untested
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders - repixeled Good 2.6.0pre
Zak McKracken and the Lonely Sea Monster Untested
Zeke and the Island of Barentsev Untested
Zemp's Birthday Kuest Untested
Ziggy Shorts: The Milkshake of Doom Untested
Zog Moonbuckle: The Mysterious Planet Untested
Zombie Attack Untested
ZooReal Untested
Zugzwang Untested

Maniac Mansion Mania games

Maniac Mansion Mania (MMM) is an episodic series taking place in the Maniac Mansion universe, reusing the original characters and adding new ones created by the community. Some games are multilanguage, but most are available only in German.

Maniac Mansion Mania Games
Game Name Game Version Status Revision Remarks
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 001: Sibling Love / Geschwisterliebe 2020 update Completable 2.6.0pre
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 002: Commotion / Unruhen Bugged 2.6.0pre Due to pathfinding bug, accessing the lower floor may require multiple clicks
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 003: Stubenarrest Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 004: Mimikry der Emotionen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 005: Rhythmen zum Reinbeißen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 006: Er is' weg Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 007: Right said Fred!?! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 008: The Rebuff / Die Abfuhr Bugged 2.6.0pre Due to pathfinding bug, accessing the lower floor may require multiple clicks
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 009: Radioactive / Radioaktiv Bugged 2.6.0pre Due to pathfinding bug, accessing the lower floor may require multiple clicks
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 010: Tales of the Weird Ed Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 011: Ein haariger Ausflug Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 012: Serien-Special: GIGA Mansion Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 013: Nur geträumt Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 014: Ed's Rache für den Hamsterbraten Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 015: Place Machine / Ortmaschine Completable 2.6.0pre
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 016: Meteor Family - The Return of the Meteor Bugged 2.6.0pre Due to pathfinding bug, accessing the lower floor may require multiple clicks
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 017: Das Labor Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 018: Shit Happens! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 021: Rettet Kanal 13! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 022: Presserummel Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 023: Das verflixte Geschenk Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 024: Time Machine Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 026: Zeitenwende Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 027: Hamsternator Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 028: Time Machine 2 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 029: Flucht des Meteoriten Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 030: Memories of Zak Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 031: Britney's Quest / Britneys Suche Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 032: The Secret of Maniac Mansion Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 033: Carry on Smiley! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 034: Helden des Tages Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 035: Weggebeamt Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 036: Der Liebesbrief Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 037: Date with Dave / Verabredung mit Dave Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 038: Rescue Mission Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 039: Erinnerungen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 040: Trapped in the cellar / Verflixte Türen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 041: The new Youth Protection Law / Das neue Jugendschutzgesetz Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 042: Die furchtbaren Pläne des Psycho Bernie Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 043: Vorsicht, Edna kommt! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 044: Razors grosser Auftritt Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 045: Maniac Monday Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 046: Verschollen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 047: Maniac Ostern Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 048: Wendy und das Buch des Todes Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 049: Clouso's grösster Coup Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 050: The Date 3 / Das Date 3 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 051: Place Machine II / Ortmaschine II Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 052: Ein irrer Tag eines Ronvillers Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 053: The Klaus strikes back / Der Klaus schlägt zurück Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 054: CSI:RONVILLE Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 055: Hamsters of the mysterious man: Chapter of dream Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 056: Grotten-Urlaub Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 057: Ein geheimnisvoller Ausflug Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 058: The People's Court Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 059: Computerliebe Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 060: Jahrmarkt der Verdammten Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 061: Bernard's Room Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 063: Books - Deals unter Nachbarn Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 064: Baranoia Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 065: Save Smiley! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 066: Hoagies neuer Freund Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 066: Hoagies neuer Freund - Akt 3: Der verbotene Akt Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 067: Die Schöne und das Biest Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 068: MaMMa ante Portas Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 069: Samstag Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 070: Maniac Mansion Begins Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 071: Neue Abenteuer auf Terra Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 072: Mindbending TV Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 073: Even a broken Clock Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 074: Ted Edison and the Curse of King RootenTooten Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 075: Das Necronomicon Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 076: The Bernoulli-Show Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 077: A Matter of Some Gravity / Schwer verquer Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 078: Dumm geholfen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 079: Der Wunsch-O-Mat Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 080: Spiel des Lebens Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 081: Bernard bricht aus! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 082: Freundin mit Hindernissen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 083: Chasing Hoagie Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 084: Surf'n'Ronville Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 085: Freundin mit Hindernissen - Part 2 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 086: Bernard bekommt Besuch Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 087: Das Geheimnis des Blakes Hotel von Ronville Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 088: Der alltägliche Wahnsinn Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 089: Der Weltrettungsalgorithmus - Die neue Version Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 090: Packing the suitcase / Kofferpacken Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 091: Fels in der Brandung Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 092: Project False Start Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 093: Murder at the Moonshine Mansion Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 094: Maniac on the Mississippi Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 095: Britney's Escape / Britney's Flucht Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 096: Dave's Home Odyssey Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 097: Tollhaus-Weihnachten Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 098: Maniac Apartment Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 099: Die Premiere Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 100: Money Mansion Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Ep. 101: Mit anderen Augen Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Christmas 2008: A Christmas Odyssey Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Christmas 2015: Three Days Before Christmas Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Easter: Ostereiersuche 2010 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Easter: Ostereiersuche 2011 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Easter: Ostereiersuche 2018 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 05-1 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 05-2: Escape from Maniac Mansion Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 05-3: Day of the Dead Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 05-4: MMM-Horror Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 05-5: Redrum Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 06-1: The Curse of Maniac Mansion Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 06-2: Hä? Ich glaub' ich spinne! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 10-1: Das Monster aus der Racoon Lagoon Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 10-2: TMMCMFH Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 10-3: Und Bernard läutet zur Geisterstunde Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Halloween 10-4: Bad and Mad Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Hollywood: Ronville Viper Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Mini Masterpieces Ep. 1: Eds Paket Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Mini Masterpieces Ep. 2: Wendy im finsteren Keller Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Mini Masterpieces Ep. 3: Harrys verwegener Tag Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Mini Masterpieces Ep. 4: Berthold's Return / Bertholds Rueckkehr Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Mini Masterpieces Ep. 5: Marcys Bestimmung Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: 5th Maniac Birthday - Der Film Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: Dinner for One Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: Doktor in da House Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: Doktor in da House II Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: Doktor in da House III Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: Just Maniac Mansion Mania Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: Kochen mit Fred und Ed Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Movies: The new president Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Bernard muss 2 mahl Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Bernard muss 3 mahl Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Bernard muss 4 mahl Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Bernard muss mahl Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Britney muss mahl Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Eine Traumepisode Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Frühjahrsputz Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Herrschaft der Futanaris Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Herrschaft der Futanaris 2 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Herrschaft der Futanaris 3 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Herrschaft der Futanaris 4 Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Iasons Testepisode Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Jagd auf rotes Tentakel Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: MS: F**king Vista! Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: NoGUI Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Rettet Sandy Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Run Hoagie Run Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Smash The Tentacle Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Wink Smiley sucht den MMM-Millionär Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Wink Smiley sucht den MMMM - Bloody Halloween Version Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Wink Smiley sucht den MMMMillionär - Vol. II Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania Trash: Wink Smiley sucht den Trashmillionär Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania: @-Man - The Dork Knight Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania: Das Experiment Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania: Die Eroberung Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania: LaGrande Hotel Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania: Police Molest Untested
Maniac Mansion Mania: Wayne Shyster - Ace Attorney Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 01: The great Escape from Maniac Dungeon Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 02: Der Bunker Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 03: Der Verbindungstunnel Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 04: Die Grotte Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 05: Tief unter der Erde Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 06: The Race Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 07: Das unheimliche Wesen aus einem fremden Raum Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 08: Die Brücke Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 09: Und dann gab's wirklich, echt überhaupt gar keins mehr, ehrlich! Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 10: Die neue Gefahr Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 11: Die vergrabene Gruft Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 12: Die Holozelle Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 13: Der Trockenraum Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 14: Vor der Tür Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 15: Die unterirdische Kulturstätte Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 16: Die U-Bahn-Station Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 17: Wahnsinnsfahrt im Geisterzug Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 18: Die perfekte Welle Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 19: Weihnachts-Edition Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 20: Die Pharaonen-Grabkammer Untested
Maniac Dungeon Raum 21: Durch Raum (21) und Zeit Untested
Meteorhead: Recycled Untested
Meteorhead II: Rückkehr eines Idioten Untested
Meteorhead III: Spiel mir das 1337 vom Tod Untested
Meteorhead IV: Forgotten Memories Untested
Meteorhead V: Die Universalkraft Untested
Meteorhead VI: Verbannt ins Exühl Untested
Meteorhead VII: Meteorhead Man und Peter Pommes retten die Fast Food-Industrie Untested
Meteorhead VIII: Rettet Meteorhead Man Untested
Meteorhead IX: Razors Mutation Untested
Meteorhead X: Eine Frage der Ausrede Untested
Meteorhead XI: Die Klauung des güldenen Headgars Untested
Meteorhead XIII: Universale Veränderungen Untested
Meteorhead XIV: A Road Movie Untested
Meteorhead - The New Series - Episode III: Die unverträgliche Dreistigkeit des Schweins Untested
Meteorhead - The New Series - Episode IV: Die Qual des Wals Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 1 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 2 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 2 Show II Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 3 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 4 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 5 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 6 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 7 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 8 Untested
The Edgar Award Show - Staffel 9 Untested

Unsupported games

The following games use an AGS version older than the 2.5 release and are not supported (yet).

Pre-2.5 Games
Game Name Status Remarks
A Christmas Tale Unsupported None
A Day In The Future Unsupported None
Aaron's Epic Journey Unsupported None
Abstract Unsupported None
Ace Duswell - Where's The Ace Unsupported None
Adventure Game Unsupported None
Adventure Noir Unsupported None
AGS Background Editor Unsupported None
AGS Blackjack Unsupported None
Alien Game Unsupported None
Another RPG Unsupported None
ASAP Adventure Unsupported None
Bert the Newsreader Unsupported None
Billy Bob's Wild Night Unsupported None
Blastoff! Unsupported None
Bluecup on the run Unsupported None
Bob's Quest 2: The quest for the AGS Blue cup award Unsupported None
Book of Spells 1 Unsupported None
Book of Spells 2 Unsupported None
Book of Spells 3 Unsupported None
Calsoon Unsupported None
Captain Muchly Drinks Bleach Unsupported None
Carver Island 2: Mrs. Rodriguez's Revenge Unsupported None
Castle Quest Unsupported None
Commander Keen Enters Reality-on-the-Norm Unsupported None
Compensation Unsupported None
Cosmos Unsupported None
Crime Time Unsupported None
Cutlass Unsupported None
Damn That Spill! Unsupported None
Dark Sects Unsupported None
Davy Jones c'est Mort Unsupported None
Davy Jones is Back Unsupported None
Day of the Testicle Unsupported None
Deepbright Unsupported None
Defender of Reality-on-the-Norm Unsupported None
Def's RPG Demo Unsupported None
Demon Slayer 1 Unsupported None
Demon Slayer 2 Unsupported None
Demon Slayer 3 Unsupported None
Demon Slayer 4 Unsupported None
Dom Johnson Unsupported None
Earwig Is Angry! Unsupported None
Edge of Reality Unsupported None
Ed's Gravedigger Unsupported None
El Burro Unsupported None
Ernie's Big Adventure Unsupported None
Ernie's Big Adventure II Unsupported None
Exile Unsupported None
Exodus Unsupported None
Eyes of the Jade Sphinx Unsupported None
Fad of Devil's Hash Unsupported None
Fatman Unsupported None
Firewall Unsupported None
Floyd SB the Company Man Unsupported None
Gaea Fallen Unsupported None
Gorthor of the Cave People Unsupported None
Grandfather's Treasure Unsupported None
Granny Zombiekiller in: Mittens Murder Mystery Unsupported None
Greg's Mountainous Adventure Unsupported None
Helm's Untitled Game Unsupported None
Henkka: Mini Quest Unsupported None
Highly Hip Hendrix Unsupported None
Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman Unsupported None
Hucklebury Hippie Unsupported None
I Want Candy Unsupported None
Ian James' Untitled Game Unsupported None
In a Dream Unsupported None
Indiana Jones - Alla ricerca di Guybrush Threepwood Unsupported None
Indiana Jones and The Gold Medallion Unsupported None
Indiana Jones and the Secret Chamber of Schloss Brunwald Unsupported None
Intergalactic Life Unsupported None
Invasion of the Space Aliens ... Unsupported None
Island Quest Unsupported None
I Spy Unsupported None
Jake Rabbit in: E.I. - Equally Insane Unsupported None
James Bondage Unsupported None
Java Jo's Koffee Stand! Unsupported None
Jingle Bells Unsupported None
Joe Jenkins in: House Quest Unsupported None
Kidnapped Unsupported None
Kittens and Cacti Unsupported None
Larry Vales: Traffic Division Unsupported None
Larry Vales II: Dead Girls are Easy Unsupported None
Larry Vales III: Time Heals All 'Burns Unsupported None
Lassi and Roger Venture a Bit Unsupported None
Lassi and Roger Meet God Unsupported None
Lassi's Quest I Unsupported None
Lassi's Quest I Remake Unsupported None
Lassi's Quest II Unsupported None
Lee & Perrin: Paranormality Unsupported None
Leisure Suit Larry 4 Unsupported None
Limpy Ghost Unsupported None
Little Jonny Evil Unsupported None
Little Willy's Darts Game Unsupported None
Little Willy's Shotgun Fun Zone! Unsupported None
Lorry Loader Unsupported None
Lunchtime Of The Damned Unsupported None
Lupo Inutile Unsupported None
MAGS Ceremony 2001 June Unsupported None
MAGS Ceremony 2001 July Unsupported None
Marty Chonks in: Dances With Camels Unsupported None
Max the Dark Hero Unsupported None
Men In Brown Unsupported None
Mr. Grey's Greyt Adventure Unsupported None
Mid-Town Shootout Unsupported None
Mika's Surreal Dream Unsupported None
Mojo Island Unsupported None
Mom's Quest Unsupported None
Monkey Island AGS Remake Unsupported None
Monkey Island Gaiden Unsupported None
Monkey Plank Unsupported None
Moose Wars: Desire For More Cows Unsupported None
Murder Unsupported None
Nicholas Wolfe part I: Framed Unsupported None
Night of the Hermit Unsupported None
Night of the Plumber Unsupported None
Nightwatch (2001) Unsupported None
Nihilism Unsupported None
Nomedon Inc. Unsupported None
Not Another Space Quest Unsupported None
Novo Mestro Unsupported None
Old Park Quest Unsupported None
Orb Blanc: Ball of the Universe Unsupported None
P.D. Unsupported None
Permanent Daylight Unsupported None
Perpetrator Unsupported None
Petrakov: The Inexperienced Assassin Unsupported None
Pezzo Bertrum and the Band That Wouldn't Die Unsupported None
Philip Illinilings and the Murder at Fish Hotel Unsupported None
Pirate Fry and Volcano Island Unsupported None
Pixely Pete Unsupported None
Pizza Quest Unsupported None
Point Blank Unsupported None
Porn Quest Unsupported None
Preachers Can't Jump Unsupported None
Project Evilspy: FenderQ Meets Jeeforce for Lunch Unsupported None
Quest For Colours Unsupported None
Quest for Glory 4 1/2 Unsupported None
Quirk Pantaloon Unsupported None
Raymond's Keys Unsupported None
Red Flagg in: Don't Call Me Blue! Unsupported None
Return of Die Vie Ess Unsupported None
Revenge in Parelly Point Unsupported None
Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time Unsupported None
Rob Blanc I: Better Days of a Defender of the Universe Unsupported None
Rob Blanc II: Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence Unsupported None
Rob Blanc III: The Temporal Terrorists Unsupported None
Rode Kill: A Day In the Life Unsupported None
Rode Quest Unsupported None
RON 2 and 1/2: Fowl Play Unsupported None
RON Beach Party Unsupported None
RON Xmas 2002 Unsupported None
Sam The Pirate Monkey Unsupported None
Second Moon Adventure - Part I: Night Unsupported None
Short Unsupported None
Slacker Quest Unsupported None
Snail Quest Unsupported None
Snail Quest 2 Unsupported None
Snail Quest 3 Unsupported None
Sol Unsupported None
South Park Unsupported None
Space Unsupported None
Space Mail Unsupported None
Star Trek Explorer: Strange New World Unsupported None
Star Trek: The Next Generation Unsupported None
Stickmen Unsupported None
Superdisk Unsupported None
Teamwork Tutorial Unsupported None
The 6 Day Assassin Unsupported None
The Chef Unsupported None
The Crown of Gold Unsupported None
The Dog Kennel Unsupported None
The Island Unsupported None
The Lost Tape Unsupported None
The Lost Treasure of Reality-on-the-Norm Unsupported None
The Postman Only Dies Once Unsupported None
The Secret of Carver Island Unsupported None
The Soviet Union Strikes Back Unsupported None
The Tower Unsupported None
The Treasure of Monkey Peninsula Unsupported None
The Trials of Odysseus Kent Unsupported None
The Universal Equalizer Unsupported None
The Vestibule Unsupported None
The Warp Unsupported None
Tiny Green Piece of Crap Unsupported None
Tom Mato's Grand Wing-Ding Unsupported None
Tullie's World 1: The Roving of Candale Unsupported None
Tullie's World 3: The Glorious Realm of Thendor Unsupported None
TV Quest Unsupported None
Ultimerr XXII: The Gems of Anthrax Unsupported None
Vengeance of the Chicken Unsupported None
VonLudwig Unsupported None
WaitKey(); Unsupported None
Who killed Kenny Rogers? Unsupported None
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders AGS Remake Unsupported None