Blackwell Unbound

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Blackwell Unbound
First release 2007
Also known as Blackwell 2
Developed by Wadjet Eye Games
Published by Wadjet Eye Games
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iOS
Resolution 320x240
Engine AGS
Support Since ScummVM 2.5.0
Available for

Blackwell Unbound is the second installment in the Blackwell series. The ghost Joey Mallone makes a comeback, but this time he is bound to Rosangela's aunt Lauren.
The duo investigates two apprently unrelated "ghost hauntings" that are actually connected by a sinister scheme.

The game shares many similarities with its predecessor, both in graphics style (albeit slightly improved and with bigger sprites) and in gameplay, with the added possibility to alternate between the two characters at any time.


See Required data files (AGS).

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