Dark Side

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Dark Side
First release 1988
Also known as N/A
Developed by Incentive Software, Major Developments
Published by Incentive Software
Distributed by Incentive Software, Epyx,
Cinemaware Corporation,
MicroProse Ltd., Kixx
Platforms DOS, Amiga, AtariST,
Commodore64, ZX Spectrum,
Resolution 320x200, 16 colors (DOS, EGA)
Engine Freescape
Support Since ScummVM 2.8.0
Available for

Dark Side is an action/adventure game featuring scaling and rotating polygon graphics. The game is set on the alien moon Tricuspid orbiting the planet Evath. Terrorists (the Ketars, the villains of the previous game Driller) hijacked the moon's facilities and built Zephyr One, an immense beam weapon on the moon's dark side with the purpose of destroying Evath. The player is a government agent, sent secretly to the moon's surface with the mission of deactivating the weapon before it becomes fully charged. This is accomplished by destroying a power network in the form of ECD (Energy Collection Device) columns, dotted around the moon and connected with power lines all the way to the beam weapon.


For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

Dark Side was released in a number of platforms over the years. Depending on release you have, you need to extract and/or copy different files.

ZX Spectrum releases

If the ZX Spectrum release is from a tape, it should be saved first from the original cassette into a tzx file. Make sure you save the complete disk, not just a single program from it. Once the tape is saved, install tzxtools you will need to extract three files:

  • The title screen image, which should be renamed as "darkside.zx.title" and has exactly 6912 bytes.
  • The game data, which should be renamed as "darkside.zx.data" and is around 34 kbytes.
  • The border image, which should be renamed as "darkside.zx.border" and has exactly 6912 bytes.

For instance, for the original Incentive release (1988), you can inspect their files using the tzxls command:

$ tzxls darkside.tzx


5 Turbo Speed Data Block 6912 bytes of bogus header

6 Turbo Speed Data Block 34460 bytes of bogus header

7 Turbo Speed Data Block 6912 bytes of bogus header

In order to extract these files, use the tzxcat command:

tzxcat darkside.tzx -b 5 > darkside.zx.title

tzxcat darkside.tzx -b 6 > darkside.zx.data

tzxcat darkside.tzx -b 7 > darkside.zx.border

Amstrad CPC releases

All the Amstrad CPC releases should be saved first from the original cassette/disk into a Extended dsk file.

Once the data is saved, use Disk Image Manager to open the image and extract the following files:

  • dark1.scr
  • dark2.scr
  • darkcode.bin

Make sure the files are extracted with header.

DOS releases

For the DOS release, copy the following files:

  • darkside.exe
  • dside?.exe
  • scn1?.dat

So far, only EGA and CGA rendering modes are supported.

AtariST/AmigaST releases

For getting the files for playing the AtariST releases, the files should be copied from the disk. One way to do it is to dump the disk and then use deark to extract them. Copy the following files:

  • 0.drk
  • 1.drk

Keep in mind that some releases are protected with Copylock, which is some kind of encryption. These are not supported yet, but we are researching how to decrypt them.

Other releases and demos

Other releases are unsupported right now (e.g. C64), but we are working to support all of them. Some demos are also supported, following the corresponding instructions. We collected all the supported Freescape demos, in case you want to test them. If you find an unsupported demo, please open an issue or contact us.

Guides and Walkthroughs

Dark Side is not exactly the same in different platforms. While the areas are the same, they feature puzzles with different solutions. We compile a list of walkthroughs for different platforms:

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