Playtoons 4 - The Mandarine Prince

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Playtoons 4
The Mandarine Prince
First release 1994
Also known as Der Mandarin Prinz in Germany
Developed by Coktel Vision
Published by Sierra
Distributed by Sierra
Platforms Windows/Mac
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine Gob (DEV6)
Support No
Available for

Playtoons 4 - The Mandarine Prince is one of a series of educational games which allow players to interact with a story, or create a story with the construction kit and the characters, backgrounds, and scenery from this game or from the other games in the series. This game is based on the fictional French characters Spirou and Fantasio and their nemesis, Don Vito Cortizone, who has just been made head of security for the country of Mandarine.

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