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Sega is a Japanese game company that was founded as Service Games in 1940 in Honolulu, Hawaii by Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg, and James Humpert. The company moved to Tokyo, Japan in 1951. In 1960, the company became incorporated and was renamed Nihon Goraku Bussan. In 1965, the company was merged with David Rosen's coin-operated game import company Rosen Enterprises (which itself was founded in Tokyo in 1954) to become Sega Enterprises. At the time of the formation, Sega was already used as a brand name by Service Games, derived from the first two letters of the two words in the company's name. Within a year of the merger, Sega began manufacturing coin operated games, rather than just importing them.

They began manufacturing home video game systems in 1983, with the release of the SG-1000. They continued manufacturing video game systems for many years, with the release of the Master System (known as the Sega Mark III in Japan) in 1985, the Mega Drive (known as the Genesis in North America) in 1988, the Game Gear in 1990, the Saturn in 1994, and the Dreamcast in 1998. After the cancellation of the Dreamcast in Europe and North America in 2002 and in Japan in 2007, Sega no longer manufactures video game systems. However, they still manufacture video game hardware for arcades.

Sega also has several game studios and publishes video games. They published the adventure game Rise of the Dragon for their Mega Drive/Genesis add-on, the Mega CD/Sega CD.

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