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More SCI TODO updates
The following list is taken from Max's mails to -devel:
* Replace all uses of gint8, etc. by our native types, to get rid of the typedefs we use right now.
* check for places that use char or unsigned char for boolean values, and change those to bool. Even nicer would be to change it to use enum types whose value names express the intention (SearchOptions.RECURSIVE, GraphicsScaleOptions.2X, etc), but just going for bool will already be a big improvement.
* more formatting fixes: The SCI code puts return values on separate lines all over the place, e.g.
<syntax type="C++">
_vocab_cmp_words(const void *word1, const void *word2) {
Take care of that and other formatting issues.
* change Change #define lists into enums* Rearranging Rearrange the files under engines/sci: I.e. get rid of include/ subdir (just move its contents to engines/sci, at some point at least). Some source files should also be renamed for clarity.* Converting Convert stuff from "C pseudo classes" to real classes.* Replacing Replace various generic FreeSCI stuff code by their ScummVM counterparts, where it make sense.
* Replace sci_gettime and sci_get_current_time by OSystem::getTimeAndDate and OSystem::getMillis
# You first need to find out which is used where: Des the code try to determine the current time? Use getTimeAndDate(). Does it try to measure something, regulate timing? Using getMillis. It is possible that some code actually really wants to get a higher resolution than milli seconds, in that case get back to us and let's discuss what to do.


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