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144 bytes removed, 01:02, 6 November 2009
→‎Build System: We got a tool which creates MSVC project files out of configure / now (not in perl though ;-).
* Add test(s) for backend usability in the configure script.
* Add an install target to the Makefile - Copy binary, install manpage, add menu items, install README. See also patch #891909 (Gnome/KDE .desktop file)
* Create a script (probably with perl) which parses the files and creates the MSVC project files from it. Shouldn't be too difficult.
* Investigate whether switching to [ CMake] or [ SCons] or some other cross platform configuration environment would work for us. Potential advantage: Less effort to maintain and extend the build system, automatic generation of various kinds of project files (Makefiles, and project files for MSVC, XCode, Eclipse, KDevelop ...). Potential drawback: Problems with the customized build systems of our various ports. However, the latter might actually be improved by using CMake or SCons -- hard to say without tests.


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