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No change in size, 00:28, 25 January 2010
consistency changes
* Clean up class Gdi. This class right now mostly is about decoding various graphic formats. However some other functionality has crept into it, too. It would be nice if class Gdi would only contain the GFX decoding code, and nothing else (assuming that is feasible w/o too much trouble). OTOH, the code which is responsible for managing virtual screens, rendering virtual screens to the real display etc. could be grouped into a new class (e.g. VSManager or so).
* Reduce kMD5FileSizeLimit from 1MB to e.g. 80 kb (this will force us to recompute the MD5 for the mac bundles, but hopefully nothing else)
* ADLIBAdLib: There seems to be some loop/repeat mechanism in old Adlib AdLib sound effects that we do not handle. [ This thread] has some discussion, and recordings. Two good examples are the door opening sound in Indy 3 and Monkey Island 1 (floppy), and the typewriter sound in Indy 3. See {{BugTrack|num=2027877}}.* ADLIBAdLib: We don't handle (global) music volume changes for adlib AdLib sounds in older SCUMM games. See {{BugTrack|num=1159581}}.
* Add support for non-interactive demo of Monkey Island 2. This can be done either by hacking the SCUMM loop and adding code to parse the existing 'demo.rec' file and re-injecting events in the event loop. Another possible approach would be to "specialize" the (future) events recording/playback code to deal with the original SPUTM .rec files.


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