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**'''Description:''' Implement a OpenGL (and OpenGL ES 1.1 compatible) Graphics Manager for use with a SDL backend, and another Manager without using SDL.
**'''Time:''' June 28 – July 19
**'''Status:''' ''In progress'' - Aspect Ratio, Game surface
**'''To do:'''
***<s>Design the base structure for a OpenGL graphics manager</s>
***<s>Implement overlay surface</s>
***<s>Implement mouse surface</s>
***<s>Implement game surface</s>
***Implement OpenGL scalers for any aspect ratio (Still need to work on aspect ratio)
***Implement support for paletted textures (GL_EXT_paletted_textures) *Maybe*
***Code cleanup and documentation
*'''Implementation of new modular backend for other platform backends'''


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