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Summer of Code/Application/2014

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=== What will you do to encourage that your accepted students stick with the project after Google Summer of Code concludes? ===
This year we also decided to require the GSoC student code be merged into our Master tree much earlier in the process, if possible. Based on our own experience, on discussion with returning students and on discussions with other projects, it should be very motivating for students to directly interact with our main repository and could potentially make some of them stay after the end of GSoC. We'll obviously have to make an assessment afterwards of the benefits and disadvantages of that new process.
=== Are you a new organization who has a Googler or other organization to vouch for you? If so, please list their name(s) here. ===
=== Are you an established or larger organization who would like to vouch for a new organization applying this year? If so, please list their name(s) here. ===

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