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Summer of Code/Application/2014

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=== What will you do to encourage that your accepted students stick with the project after Google Summer of Code concludes? ===
This Last year we also decided to require the GSoC student code be merged into our Master tree much earlier in the process, if possible. Based on our own Our past experience, on discussion with returning students and on discussions with other projects, was telling it should be very motivating for students to directly interact with our main repository and could potentially make some of them stay after the end of GSoC: it seems we were right as 2 students out of 4 are still actively contributing, while a 3rd one is still present from times to times. We'll This is obviously have for us a very positive sign and we plan to make an assessment afterwards of proceed the benefits and disadvantages of that new processsame way this year again.
=== If you chose "veteran" in the organization profile dropdown, please summarize your involvement and the successes and challenges of your participation. Please also list your pass/fail rate for each year. ===

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