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<span style="color:red">TO BE DONE</span>
We want our mentors to have the following qualities:
# Have the patience and skills to explain to their respective students on how to tackle their tasks. Also, to be able to help the students out in sticky situations.
# Have a clear vision on how a task should proceed, both in broad strokes as well as in the technical details level. Allowing, of course, some freedom of movement to the students, where this is applicable.
# <span style="color:red"> Be regularly present on our #scummvm-gsoc channel, where we continuously inform each others of the progresses and issues of the students </span>
For this year, and this holds for our previous participations too, our mentors have volunteered to work with GSoC. This means that they primarily want to be involved in the program and that they are not dragged in to participate. Moreover, they have all been contributors to ScummVM for several years. They feel comfortable around the ScummVM code and can guide students to perform their tasks. The majority of the mentors have also participated in past ScummVM GSoCs so they know their way around the procedures and have also refined their mentoring style. <span style="color:red">Some of them have been GSoC students one of the previous years. </span> Some of them are/have been part of academia, guiding real students. They have seen the student mentalité in-action and have experience helping people along. We are drawing the best available from our pool of developers to mentor GSoC students this year again.
=== What is your plan for dealing with disappearing students? ===
;We also defined for the last three years a co-mentoring system so the students have a primary and a secondary mentor, which comfort us in the idea that, in any case, the students will not be left hanging for any reason at all, no matter what happens.
;<span style="color:red">;On top of that, we have a specific #scummvm-gsoc channel on IRC where mentors (and only them) are connected all the time. We use this channel to keep ourselves informed constantly of the situation of each task, each student and eventually each mentor. A mentor wouldn't disappear without being noticed very quickly by this mean too.</span>
=== What steps will you take to encourage students to interact with your project's community before and during the program? ===

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