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sq1 spider droid timer issue is auto-patched now
== Space Quest 1 ==
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* You may need to turn game speed up to escape the droid
* In the Arcada, you'll notice the screen is shaking and shaking. And it should (every once in a while). Your ship is under attack, remember?!? But on faster computers, it just won't stop. And that's incredibly annoying.
* You will dehydrate in the desert way too soon. A message will pop up almost immediately when you've landed, telling you you need to drink. You'll die of thirst before you can even think of exploring the planet - speed slider must be set fully up to avoid this, otherwise you may use newrisingsun's script patches which solve this issue - {{BugTrackSF|id=5032}}
* After entering the ship with your robot, you will see the timepod shortly fully and then it will start appearing - it's a script issue that seems to occur on faster machines even in dos-box - setting a breakpoint on robotIntoShip::changeState "solves" it. (Timing is controlled by cycleCnt in Beg::init and Beg::nextCel)
* The spider droid will come too soon. Thus giving you little chance to explore the planet.
* You may need to turn game speed up to escape the droid. The droid is moving at fixed speed. This is auto-patched by us to use a slightly slower speed than ego. (internal details: spider::doit in script 704)
* You will be unable to get past the falling acid drops in the cave on Kerona because the drops fall very rapidly. A tropical rainstorm is nothing compared to it!
* Some animations in the game are too fast. The droid that passes Roger in the hallway at the start of the game rushes by at the speed of light. Roger looks like he's headbanging or something. But in fact, on slower computers he looks around every now and then. Also, the cartridge retrieval droid moves way too fast. There are perhaps more of these small, but annoying, animation problems.


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