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Technical contact: [[User:LordHoto|Johannes Schickel]], [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]].
Difficulty level: Medium. You'll need to know C++, Objective C, and have some experience with iOS development. You'll also need a (jailbroken) iOS device, preferably both iPhone and iPad, and the official iOS development environment (on a Mac).
The current iOS port, which we still label as iPhone, is functional but feels not really polished in a number of ways. The port comes from a time when the first two generations of the iPhone were still the top models. This, for example, makes it not as nicely usable on modern iOS devices because of resolution issues. Furthermore, while the gesture input serves as a great way to, for example, change control schemes, it also has some annoying issues. The most prominent example is that the "open global main menu" gesture sometimes causes the main menu to immediately close.
Essentially, this task requires working on various aspects of the iOS port. This includes graphics, GUI, input handling, but also build related aspects. Ideally, we want our iOS port to feel much smoother for the users, but also for developers working on it.
'''This task requires C++, ObjC(++), and iOS development knowledge. It also requires access to a (jailbroken) iOS device, preferable both iPhone and iPad, and the official iOS development environment.'''
=== Improve iOS port of ResidualVM ===


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