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==== Adding speech synthesis of on-screen text for people with reduced sight or for learning to read ====
Difficulty: mediumMedium. You'll need to be comfortable enough with C++ to be able to (quickly) understand enough of the existing engine code in order to add this functionality.
Using the same library used in the previous task, add a it would be nice to have similar text -to -speech generation for other games. The exact list of titles should challenge here would (hopefully) be defined as soon as possible between to add the necessary interfaces for providing the mentors text, and the studentany needed other information (such as timing), to individual game engines. Part of your preparatory work would be working out (with our help) which engines to target.
This task would allow people suffering of from sight issues to play more games in ScummVM, but and it could also be very useful to help people to learn how who are learning to read. Alternatively (or additionally), you could consider adding other accessibility features.


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