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→‎Game Tasks: add stark engine task (description provided by bgK)
'''ResidualVM project.''' See [ ICB engine refactor] for more details
=== Stark Engine improvements ===
Technical contacts: [[User:bgK|bgK]]
Difficulty level: Medium
The Longest Journey is a 2.5D point and click adventure game released in 1999 by Funcom. ResidualVM has a reimplementation for most of the game engine. However some important parts are missing:
* The original menus
The game menus allow displaying the main character's diary, viewing past cutscenes, loading and saving, ... Implementing the original menus is valuable to the players because of the very nice art they display.
The menus are semi-data driven. This task involves implementing the shared draw logic as well as the screen-specific gameplay logic.
* The characters' shadows
ResidualVM uses programmable pipeline OpenGL (shaders) to display the game world. For this task, it is required to write the code responsible for drawing the characters' shadows using a technique such as shadow mapping.
Working on Stark can be a great experience to learn game engine programming. The engine behind The Longest Journey was very well designed. Most concepts still apply in more recent 3D game engines.
'''ResidualVM project.'''
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