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Summer of Code/GSoC Ideas 2019

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We got hold of the original source code written in C with some x86 assembler and Mission Supernova was ported to ScummVM and translated to English as part of GSoC 2017. We now need to rewrite the second game as well in a portable C++ and polish its English translation.
=== The Immortal ===
Technical contacts [[User:dreammaster|dreammaster]] or [[User:Strangerke|Strangerke]]
Difficulty level: Hard. Good knowledge of C++ and assembly (x86 or 68K or 6502) is required.
The immortal was released in 1990 by Electronic Arts. It's a mix of genres involving RPG elements with action and puzzles.
The gameplay is different one variant to the other, and all variants are written in assembly, making it more difficult to support all the variants.
In 2018, a GSoC student picked this task but, due to personal issues, didn't manage to complete the task. The purpose of the task is therefore to implement an engine for a variant of the game, using the original sources and the work of JoeFish as a documentation.
=== Bring your own Adventure or RPG ===

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