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Which is for the background of the launcher dialog. Check the modern.ini file for all definable gradients.
To see what this value does here's how the calculate the color of a row in a widget/dialog:
return firstLineColor + (lastLineColor - firstLineColor) * currentLine / maxLineNumber
Of course thatAs you can see we're using a linear interpolation here. Since it's somewhat pseudocode it's a bit simplifiedthough, but it should be enough to get the basic idea. Now we come to  ===== Examples ===== To have some examples:showing in how far a different factor value changes the colors here are coming two.
The color values we use in our examples:
If we would draw a rect with 10 lines and a factor of 1 the colors it would look like:
If we would draw a the same rect with a factor of 2 the colors it would look like:


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