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Engine developer lavosspawn, criezy
Companies that used it Revolution Software
Games that use it Broken Sword 1
Date added to ScummVM 2003-12-16
First release containing it 0.6.0


Sword1 is the internal name for the Virtual Theatre variant which runs Broken Sword 1.

Sword1 is a further developed engine from the Lure and Sky variants and was followed by the engine for Broken Sword 2.


  • Data files have to be copied from the CDs and renamed.
  • Game data files contain text in all languages (possible to switch in ScummVM options) but speech is only for one language.
  • GBA, PalmOS, Wii and NDS versions aren't supported.
  • Some very minor things from the original are missing (see TODOs).


The engine works great and has been serving us wonderfully for many years now, to the point that it can be defined complete.

However there are some very minor differences from the original executable which some people have reported (including, but not limited to, speedrunners):

  • Fix timing routines overall, so that timers are accurate for speedrunners;
  • Implement palette fading;
  • Implement SFX fading;
  • Implement automatic lower music volume when speech is playing;
  • Check if speech driver is accurate enough;
  • Take another look at the audio engine just in case something is missing;
  • Fix font position on some parts of the main menu;
  • Fix text cursor blink timing when writing a savegame name (too slow right now);
  • Implement Save and Restore screen bars movement when scrolling;
  • Implement the "Speed" section in the main menu;
  • Play intro cutscene when selecting Restart from the main menu;
  • Possibly rewrite the whole main menu from source code? (Our menu code is customly written and only takes inspiration and some resource loading code from the original)
  • Implement pause button!
  • Implement a bunch of useful debug commands from the original available ones.

These tasks are currently being handled by Bosca.

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