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Syberia II
First release 2004
Also known as N/A
Developed by Microïds
Published by Microïds
Distributed by The Adventure Company
Platforms Windows, macOS
Resolution 800x600, 32-bit color
Engine Tetraedge, Virtools, Antiryad
Support Since ScummVM 2.8.0 (macOS version only)
Available for

Syberia II or (Syberia 2) is a 2004 graphic adventure game developed and published by MC2-Microïds. As the direct sequel to 2002's Syberia, it is a third-person puzzle-solving game. Although it is stylistically identical, Syberia II improves upon the first game by introducing more realistic character animation. The game includes a recap of the first chapter, so it does not require the player to have experienced the first game.

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Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

Only the macOS version of Syberia II is supported. You will need a copy of the Contents folder from the game as it's installed on macOS.

Detecting Previously Installed Game

To detect from an installed copy of the game (eg, in /Applications/Syberia, from the ScummVM "Add Game" dialog navigate to where it is installed, double click on the application, and choose the Contents directory from inside the app.

Steam Version

Steam macOS:

The easiest way to get the data is to install the app from Steam and open the data in ScummVM. To find the install path of the app from Steam, right-click and select Manage -> Browse local files

Steam Windows or Linux:

You can download the macOS game data files from the Windows or Linux Steam client following Download for other OS from Steam HOWTO. Use ostype of macos and bitness of 32

GOG Package

You can also download the "offline installer" package from GOG an extract it directly.

Extracting on MacOS:

Extract the contents using pkgutil, eg:

pkgutil --expand syberia_2_en_1_0_0_gog_15710.pkg syberia

The Contents folder will be extracted in syberia/package.pkg/Scripts/payload.

Extracting on Other Platforms:

You can use unar and tar to extract the offline installer package:

unar syberia_2_en_1_0_0_gog_15710.pkg
mv syberia_2_en_1_0_0_gog_15710/package.pkg/Scripts syberia2.cpio.gz
unar syberia2.cpio.gz
rm -r syberia_2_en_1_0_0_gog_15710
rm syberia2.cpio.gz


Syberia uses different engines depending on the platform. The original Windows version uses the Virtools engine, created Dassault Systèmes. However, the macOS and DS versions use an engine known as Tetraedge Engine - from Tetraedge games.

The Tetraedge engine uses common data formats like ogg, png, and lua. It was also used for the macOS releases of Amerzone and Syberia.

The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game used the Antiryad engine from Arkham Development.

Platform Engine Supported
Android Tetraedge Untested
iOS Tetraedge Untested
macOS Tetraedge Yes
Nintendo Switch ? ?
PlayStation 2 Virtools No
PlayStation 3 Antiryad No
Windows Virtools No
Windows Mobile Tetraedge Untested
Xbox ? ?
Xbox 360 Antiryad No

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