The Dreamers Guild

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The Dreamers Guild was founded by a group of eleven people in 1991 with the intent in forming a new kind of company where every employee would have a say in the evolution of the company.

The company created a series of memorable adventure and RPG titles, as well as handled conversions of games from other companies to Macintosh and Amiga, like the Mac port of The Legend of Kyrandia.

The Dreamers Guild produced a few adventures with the SAGA/SAGA2 engine:

The company collapsed in 1997. As a result, one of their last games, Nick of Time, was never released to the public.

In 2002, nine former members of The Dreamers Guild formed The Wyrmkeep Entertainment, with the intent of selling several Dreamers Guild games for current computer configurations and operating systems.

Wyrmkeep Entertainment has graciously donated the source code to Inherit the Earth to the ScummVM team, and the game is now officially supported in ScummVM. The same happened for Halls of the Dead.

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