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|- style="background:white"
|[[Reversion - The Meeting]]||reversion2||Unknown. ||Unknown.||No
|[[Reversion - The Meeting]]||reversion2||Unknown. ||Unknown.||No
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|[[Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches]]||rhiannon||Unknown. ||Unknown.||No
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|- style="background:white"
|[[The Shine of a Star]]||shinestar||Unknown. ||Unknown.||No
|[[The Shine of a Star]]||shinestar||Unknown. ||Unknown.||No

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Since the feature-set of WME Lite differs from that of the full Wintermute Engine, games will need to be targeted on a case-by-case, feature-by-feature basis, this is a list of the games that are currently known to work (although perhaps with minor issues) through to completion:

Games tested at least once

Completable Games
Game Name Target Name Status Remarks Has Screenshot
Carol Reed 6: Black Circle (demo) carolreed6 Completable. Negative seeking in some ogg streams No
Chivalry is NOT Dead chivalry Completable. Slow menus No
Dirty Split dirtysplit Completable. One garbled image No
Five Lethal Demons 5ld Completable. Might miss some dialogue in YES/NO-boxes. No
J.U.L.I.A. (Demo) julia Completable. Slow, and some font issues. Requires Theora No
J.U.L.I.A. julia Completable. Rather resource-heavy, should be played with VFX low. Might have savegame-issues in the Xir-battle. No
Mirage mirage Completable. None. No
Pigeons in the Park pigeons Completable. None No
Rosemary rosemary Completable. None No
Space Invaders spaceinvaders Completable. None No
The Box thebox Completable. None No
The White Chamber twc Completable. Slow scrolling No
Game Name Target Name Status Remarks Has Screenshot

Untested Games

Untested, but start:
Game Name Target Name Status Remarks Has Screenshot
Actual Destination actualdest Unknown. Unknown. No
Beyond the Threshold bthreshold Unknown. Unknown. No
Bickadoodle bickadoodle Unknown. Unknown. No
Book of Gron Part One bookofgron Unknown. Unknown. No
Carol Reed 4: East Side Story (demo) carolreed4 Unknown. Unknown. No
Carol Reed 5: The Colour of Murder carolreed5 Unknown. Unknown. No
Carol Reed 6: Black Circle (full) carolreed6 Unknown. Unknown. No
Carol Reed 7: Blue Madonna carolreed7 Unknown. Unknown. No
Carol Reed 8: Amber's Blood carolreed8 Unknown. Unknown. No
Carol Reed 9: Cold Case Summer carolreed9 Unknown. Unknown. No
Dead City deadcity Unknown. Unknown. No
Des Rêves Élastiques Avec Mille Insectes Nommés Georges dreaming Unknown. Unknown. No
Dreamscape dreamscape Unknown. Unknown. No
Escape From The Mansion escapemansion Unknown. Unknown. No
Fairy Tales About Toshechka and Boshechka tib Unknown. Unknown. No
Five Magical Amulets 5ma Unknown. Unknown. No
Framed framed Unknown. Unknown. No
Ghost in the Sheet ghostsheet Unknown. Unknown. No
Helga Deep In Trouble helga Unknown. Unknown. No
James Peris: No Licence Nor Control (Demo) jamesperis Has drawing-issues. Unknown. No
Kulivočko kulivocko Unknown. Unknown. No
Paintaria paintaria Unknown. Unknown. No
Project: Doom projectdoom Unknown. Unknown. No
Project Lonely Robot lonelyrobot Unknown. Unknown. No
Reversion - The Escape reversion1 Unknown. Unknown. No
Reversion - The Meeting reversion2 Unknown. Unknown. No
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches rhiannon Unknown. Unknown. No
The Shine of a Star shinestar Unknown. Unknown. No
The Trader of Stories (Demo) tradestory Unknown. Unknown. No
Wilma Tetris wtetris Unknown. Unknown. No
Untested, won't start/crash early:
Game Name Target Name Status Remarks Has Screenshot
Hamlet hamlet Crashes after intro (Requires SXFile) Unknown. No
Looky - The Adventure looky Crashes with PlayVideo Unknown. No
Shaban shaban Unknown. Crashes in LinearRateConverter with a 96000Hz sample. No
Totally untested
Game Name Target Name Status Remarks Has Screenshot
Securanote securanote Unknown. Unknown. No
Space Madness spacemadness Unknown. Unknown. No

Feel free to test the untested games on this list.