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Since the feature-set of WME Lite differs from that of the full Wintermute Engine, games will need to be targeted on a case-by-case, feature-by-feature basis, this is a list of the games that are currently known to work (although perhaps with minor issues) through to completion:

Completable Games
Game Name Target Name Status Remarks
Chivalry is NOT Dead chivalry Completable. Slow menus
Dirty Split dirtysplit Completable. One garbled image
J.U.L.I.A. (Demo) julia Completable. Slow, and some font issues. Requires Theora
Pigeons in the Park pigeons Completable. None
Rosemary rosemary Completable. Some issues with the main character graphics.
The Box thebox Completable. None
The White Chamber twc Completable. Slow scrolling

Untested, but start:

Untested, won't start:

Totally untested:

Feel free to test the untested games on this list.