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Name Hopkins Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Hopkins Engine Team
Subsystem Engine


  • Refactor the engine

Nice to have

  • Original OS/2 map present in a DAT file for the Win version, which requires some legal issues to be fixed.
  • Implement the missing IdTech0 engine used for the maze, in the Windows version.
  • The original code also had support for 256 color mode, which we dropped during refactoring.. Gameplay only uses 256 colors, although the cutscenes are in SVGA. In theory a 256 color game mode could be re-introduced, although I'm not certain whether there are VGA versions of the cutscenes in all game releases.. some SVGA dithering could become necessary.

Known Bugs

Greencis reported the following glitches:

  • (Generic) If you click 2-5 pixels to the left/right/down from current Hopkins/Samantha position, a sprite with raised leg set for the character.
  • (Win95 EN/RU) In ScummVM, after Hopkins killed Samantha, if you exit from shooting range, white spots appear on Samantha's pale blue T-shirt while screen is fading. In original, the color of T-shirt stays pale blue.
  • (Win95 EN/RU) In ScummVM, if you press Esc when the flight cutscene is playing, you'll see a picture of beach with inverted colors, then normal picture appears.
  • (Win95 EN/RU) If you press Esc button after a label "Graphic Designers and Animators" in credits appeared, credits will disappear and there will be yellow traces in the bottom of the screen.
  • (Win95 EN Demo) In "Meanwhile, at the Bank..." cutscene, after the second victim was killed, a picture "Meanwhile, at the Bank" is shown with wrong colors. (ScummVM)
  • (Win95 EN/PL Demo) Before hostages started to go out from the bank, right after Hopkins successfully completed negotiations with terrorists, picture is fading, then the empty scene is shown, then it's fading again, and then Hopkins goes inside the bank (the scene is not empty now). (ScummVM)
  • (Win95 EN/PL Demo) After Hopkins and terrorists got on the roof, and after Hopkins fell on a ground, there is a picture of bank with wrong colors (fading, then picture, then fading again, then all is good). (ScummVM)
  • (Win95 EN Demo) In the end of the demo, there is a label "End of playable demo !". If you press left mouse button, the screen is fading, and the label appears again. After pressing mouse button one more time, demo ends. (ScummVM)
  • (Win95 PL Demo) In "Meanwhile, at the Bank..." cutscene, after the second victim was killed (though this was cut in PL Demo), a picture "Meanwhile, at the Bank" is shown with wrong colors (doesn't occur in original).

Original bugs

  • While discussing with the man with the newspaper outside the apartment, there's a subtle glitch on the lips at the end of each sentence. (note: VISU_PARLE, animation index 22)
  • Some non-optimal path-finding issues
  • City Map: The birds flying over the buildings are occasionally masked by the buildings. Same thing with the smoke from the chimney. Both are sometimes also off-by-one pixel. The priority bug is event worst when the car is hidden by the batiment. In this case the smoke from the chimney is always hidden.