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Inherit the Earth Data Files

Inherit the Earth (ITE) was shipped in two versions, a disk version and an enhanced CD version. All information applies for both versions unless otherwise specified.

The RSC file format is here.

ITE stores its resources in four data files:

  • ITE.RSC - Scene data, graphics, animation, music
  • SCRIPTS.RSC - Script resources & dialogue
  • VOICES.RSC - Voice resources (And in the DISK version, Sound effects)
  • SOUNDS.RSC - CD version: All sound effects. Not present in DISK version


ITE.RSC is ITE's main data file. It contains resources for scenes, graphics, animation, music, fonts, sprites, and other things.

Some resources must be manually identified as a particular type; other resource types are specified as follows:

All scene descriptor resources are listed by the Scene Lookup Table. Each scene descriptor resource references a scene resource list resource. Each scene resource list identifies a number of additional resources.

ITE.RSC contains the following resource formats:

Some resources are compressed, with various RLE methods:

Inherit the Earth Master Resource Access List


SCRIPTS.RSC contains the following resource formats:

The contents of SCRIPTS.RSC is as follows:

R# Type Description
Disk & CD version
0 Script Misc. Actors & Items
1 Dialogue List ^
2 Script Moneychanger's Tent
3 Dialogue List ^
4 Script Orb Santuary
5 Dialogue List ^
6 Script Sist's Room
7 Dialogue List ^
8 Script Rat Tribe
9 Dialogue List ^
10 Script Ferret Village
11 Dialogue List ^
12 Script Tycho Northpaw & Dog Castle
13 Dialogue List ^
14 Script End Game & Human Ruins
15 Dialogue List ^
16 Script Intro Faire Puzzle Sequence
17 Dialogue List ^
18 Script Boar King
19 Dialogue List ^
20 Script Elk Court
21 Dialogue List ^
22 Script Alamma & Wildcat Tribe
23 Dialogue List ^
24 Script Wolf Capture & Chota
25 Dialogue List ^
26 Script Sea Wolf
27 Dialogue List ^
28 Script Crystal Cave & Kylas Honeyfoot
29 Dialogue List ^
CD version only
30 Voice Lookup Misc. Actors & Items
31 Voice Lookup Moneychanger's Tent
32 Voice Lookup Orb Santuary
33 Voice Lookup Sist's Room
34 Voice Lookup Rat Tribe
35 Voice Lookup Ferret Village
36 Voice Lookup Tycho Northpaw & Dog Castle
37 Voice Lookup End Game & Human Ruins
38 Voice Lookup Intro Faire Puzzle Sequence
39 Voice Lookup Boar King
40 Voice Lookup Elk Court
41 Voice Lookup Alamma & Wildcat Tribe
42 Voice Lookup Wolf Capture & Chota
43 Voice Lookup Sea Wolf
44 Voice Lookup Crystal Cave & Kylas Honeyfoot

Voice Lookup resources associate the dialogue strings present in Dialogue List resources with the actual voice waveforms present in the CD version of VOICES.RSC.


CD version
All resources in this file are raw, headerless 16-bit 22.05 KHz PCM waveforms.Only voice dialogue is stored.

DISK version
All resources in this file are Creative Labs .VOC files. Both voices and sound effects are stored.


This file is only present in the CD version of ITE.

All resources in this file are raw, headerless 16-bit 22.05 KHz PCM waveforms.

Inherit the Earth Master Resource Access List