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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
*[[Gob/TODO|TODO page]]
* [[Gob/TODO|TODO page]]
* [[Gob/Bugs|Bugs]]: List of bugs that occurred in the original versions

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Engine developer DrMcCoy, eriktorbjorn, sev, strangerke, wjp
Companies that used it Coktel Vision
Games that use it See Games
Date added to ScummVM 2005-04-05
First release containing it 0.8.0


Engine to run adventure games created by Coktel Vision:

Note: Inca 1 also uses the same file formats as the other games, but it uses a different engine


  • Gobliiins is completable.
  • Gobliins 2 is completable.
  • Goblins 3 is completable.
  • The Prophecy is completable.
  • Bargon Attack is completable.
  • Lost in Time is completable.
  • Woodruff is completable.
  • Fascination is completable.
    • No AdLib support.
  • Urban Runner is completable.
  • Playtoons: in progress.
    • Bambou is completable with graphical issues
    • Other Playtoons have their story mode completable with graphical issues, and their construction mode not working
  • The Last Dynasty: in progress
  • Little Red Riding Hood: frozen
    • Plays well until Bees level


  • TODO page
  • Bugs: List of bugs that occurred in the original versions